The Spring Involvement Lunch Fair brings together students, faculty, and staff who are involved in some of the amazing experiences that OSU has to offer.

Not sure what you want to do during your time at OSU, or even if you want to do anything outside of your classes? 

We are looking forward to sharing how getting involved in different programs has made a difference in our lives, and why we believe it matters. Come sit at our lunch table, and enjoy a free meal! Tell us what you're interested in, ask questions about programs and resources, or simply enjoy the food, company, and stories. 

Event Information:

Thursday, May 18

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM 

Student Experience Center Lobby 

If you think you will be there, please fill out this short RSVP to help us better estimate how much food to bring.  

For more information, or for accommodations related to a disability, please email or call 541-737-0760.