“Civic engagement is acting upon a heightened sense of responsibility to one’s communities and a heightened understanding of one’s identity. This includes a wide range of activities, including developing civic sensitivity, participation in building civil society, and benefiting the common good. Civic engagement encompasses the notions of global membership and interdependence. Through civic engagement, individuals—as members of their communities, their nations, and the world—are empowered as agents of positive social change for a more democratic world.” —adapted from B. Jacoby, Civic Engagement in Higher Education, 2009

Civic engagement is work that deepens people’s commitment to their community and the condition of their community.

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Join the CCE for this year’s Make a Difference Day 2017, happening on Saturday, October 28th! Make a Difference Day is the largest nationally recognized day of service. On the last Saturday of October every year thousands of people across the country work to improve their community. This year you can be part of this amazing experience by signing up for one of our 5 projects, with opportunities ranging between early morning to afternoon. Register today!

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Service Types

There are different types of service, from direct service, to service-learning, to simply adjusting your lifestyle and consumer choices.

Jobs & Internships

Internships, jobs, and careers are an incredible way to contribute to the common good and be of service to others and your community.

News Readership

News readership is an important piece of civic engagement and way to stay current and up to date with important local, national, and global news.

Community Values Award

The Community Values Award was devised by the CCE and the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, and is given on a yearly basis to the Greek chapter that records the highest average civic engagement hours per member, allowing smaller chapters to compete with larger chapters.


Civic Engagement Tracking

Record your civic engagement activity with the Center for the Civic Engagement. 


Submit a Civic Engagement Opportunity

If you are a community-based organization that would be interested in having students complete one time or ongoing service projects please complete the Submit Civic Engagement Opportunity Form or contact our office via email or 541-737-3041.

Why Should I Get Involved?

Here are a few potential benefits of civic engagement and community service:
  • Enhance your sense of self, sense of place, and a sense of purpose to effect positive change
  • Impact change in your areas of passion and interest
  • Feel a sense accomplishment, service promotes personal growth and self-esteem
  • Deepen your understanding of complex social, environmental, and political issues 
  • Develop friendships and a stronger sense of community and belonging
  • Build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Strengthen your community
  • Explore your values
  • Increase your self-awareness (emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually)
  • Bring course content alive with an opportunity to connect what you learn in the classroom (theory) with the rest of the world (practice)
  • Find an outlet for your creativity
  • Augment your leadership and practical skill set
  • Foster your community and professional networks and contacts
  • Gain career readiness skills (Those who volunteer are up to 27% more likely to get hired!)
  • Survey various career paths and options to aid with career decision-making
  • Prepare for post-graduate work
  • Feel happier, people who volunteer are happier on average! (See 10 Things Happy People Do Differently)
  • Improve your psychosocial wellbeing (See The Joy of Learning: The Impact of Civic Engagement on Psychosocial Well-Being)
  • You make a difference! Your community needs YOU!


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