Make A Difference Day 2017 is Saturday, October 28th!

Participants will check in at the SEC Plaza.

Registration is open now! Register here.

On October 28, 2017, volunteers from across the country will unite for Make A Difference Day, one of the largest annual single-days of service nationwide. Since 1992, volunteers and communities have come together on Make A Difference Day with a single purpose: to improve the lives of others.

Below are the 5 2017 projects.

  • Corvallis Housing First New House Beautification: Corvallis Housing First has a very simple mission: everyone should have a roof over their head. Through community support and involvement they're working towards this mission on the city level. There first big step is the purchase a property on Van Buren.
    • Project is from 9 AM-12 PM and will include: dining room cleaning and painting: We will be wiping down walls and baseboards and painting walls in the dining room at Van Buren House, a former sorority house near campus that will soon be a "housing first" facility, providing housing to people who have formerly been homeless. 10 volunteers needed. Check in will be at 8:30 am at the SEC Plaza. All ages can participate as long as all minors have a guardian present.
  • Craft N' Care with Meals on WheelsCraft N’ Care is a service opportunity that is accessible for all ages and abilities. Volunteers will be making arts and crafts that will be donated to a local non-profit.
    • Project is from 10:00 AM-12-30 PM and will include: making placemats and decorating paper bags for the senior meals program. 20-50 volunteers needed. Check in will be at 9:30 am at the SEC Plaza. All ages can participate as long as a guardian is present for minors.
  • Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary Tree Planting: Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary believes in empowering Youth to Experience Environmental Stewardship as a Key Component of Leadership Development.
    • Project is from 9 AM- 3 PM and will include: spreading various conifer seeds, scattering wild flower seeds, and planting Oregon White Oak acorns. 30-75 volunteers are needed. Check in will be at 7:00 am at the SEC Plaza. Youth 12 years of age and older can participate with a guardian.
  • Let's Squash Food Insecurity - Pumpkin and Squash Processing Party with the Student Sustainability InitiativeGrowing Food Security, HSRC, and Organic Growers Club: All of these organizations share a common goal of fighting food insecurity with a holistic mindset. 
    • Project is from 9:30 AM- 1PM and will include: processing (peeling, cutting, roasting, mashing, and packaging) approximately 500 pounds of squash donated by the organic growers club. 12 volunteers are needed. Check in will be at 9:00 am at the SEC Plaza. Youth of all ages can participate with a guardian.
  • Greenbelt Land Trust Stream Stewardship: Greenbelt Land Trust works strategically to secure significant natural areas in accordance with a careful plan. And they strive for connectivity, linking protected natural areas with parks and public spaces to provide wildlife corridors, protect valuable natural resources, and expand opportunities for low-impact recreation and renewal. 
    • Project is from 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM and will include: removing weeds from next to growing native plants alongside trails to improve habitat for wildlife and beautify a beloved natural area. 10 volunteers are needed. Check in will be at 9:10 am at the SEC Plaza. Youth 15 years of age and older can participate with a guardian present.

Registration is open now! Register here.

Accommodations related to disability may be made by calling 541-737-3041 or emailing


How we made a difference in 2016:

On October 22, 2016, we had 98 volunteers from the OSU community who completed 5 different service projects in the community for Make A Difference Day of Service on Saturday, October 22nd! The service projects were an incredible success, as OSU volunteers made a difference by doing all of the following:

  • 5 projects at Craft N’ Care with BENCO, Corvallis Parks and Recreation, Growing Food Security, Produce for the People, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  • 237 hours of service
  • Summary from each project:
    • Craft N’ Care – BENCO: 40 harvest placemats were crafted (and later laminated)
    • Corvallis Parks and Recreation: Cleared blackberry bushes, regraded ground/steps, trimmed trees, trash pickup, cleared hazards from ground
    • Growing Food Security: Weeded 4 plots, broke up soil, planted one bed of garlic (3 types), planted cover crops
    • Produce for the People: Cleaned 100+ planting pots, cleared out 2 sections of corn, planted cover crop for the Winter, picked several pounds of peppers and squash, set up 4 composting bins/sections/areas, weeded garden, mulched garden
    • Habitat for Humanity ReStore: 15 wheelbarrows full of gravel spread in parking lot, box truck loaded entirely with wooden pallets, large pile of bark mulch relocated/consolidated into one location, miscellaneous trash and scrap metal cleanup

Check out the amazing photos from the 2016 Make A Difference Day projects here.