Fall 2017 Woodwork Schedule

Safety requirements for shop use, members must:

  1. Watch safety video
  2. Read safety manual
  3. Take & Pass wood studio quiz
  4. Sign agreement for use form
  5. Complete the Safety Assessment Workshop (SAW) & approved for shop use. NEW

These requirements will be good for one academic year fall> summer, provided there is continuity in membership.

Lab Fee: $20 /term for all- for blade sharpening, maintenance & wood debris disposal.

Safety Assessment Workshop

WCR-1   Tuesday 5:30-7:30               Sept. 26

WCR-2   Wednesday 6-8                Sept. 27

WCR-3    Saturday  12-2pm              Sept. 30

WCR- 4   Monday   3-5pm              Oct.2

Additional sessions may be added as needed.

Instructor: Glenn Sweet               Class Fee: FREE

This 2-hour workshop is REQUIRED for all new and returning members who are NOT REGISTERED in a wood class, who are Experienced Woodworkers, familiar with the safe & proper use of large power equipment. This class provides basic information on studio policies, equipment safety and provides wood for  members to demonstrate their competency in safe and  proper operational use of power tools. Pre-registration is REQUIRED.

Beginning Woodworking- two sessions offered

Mondays  5:30-8                            Oct. 2  to Nov. 20    

WCR-21    Glenn Sweet                      Class Fee:  $55 (Plus Lab Fee)


Wednesdays 5:30-8                        Oct. 4 to  29 (No Class 11/22)

WCR-22    Glenn Sweet                   Class Fee:  $55 (Plus Lab Fee)



Gain practical skills, confidence and learn safe and effective use of power and hand tools from a master furniture builder.  Absolute beginners will start with building a level-suitable project, such as a beautiful handcrafted box, a picture frame or a cutting board. These projects will develop the skillset necessary for students to then progress onto other projects. Classes are small so the instructor can provide individual help. Free 1st project wood option for currently enrolled OSU students! All others, will furnish materials; available from the craft center or elsewhere…your instructor will guide you in this process. Most tools are provided. No prior experience required. A required wood shop SAW will be incorporated into the first few classes.

Intermediate Woodworking/Furniture Building

Tuesdays  5:30-8                      Oct. 3 to Nov. 21

WCR-23  Glenn Sweet    Class Fee: $55 (Plus Lab Fee)

In this 8-week class students will translate basic woodworking skills into the design and creation of a small piece of furniture with guidance from a master furniture builder. Students will learn about the design process and how to turn ideas into finished pieces, creating your own design or choosing from provided options, such as a small table, chest, or bench. Free small project wood option for currently enrolled OSU students!  Both hand tools and power tools will be used to explore wood as a medium. Creativity and original thinking will be emphasized throughout the class. This is an intermediate class. A basic familiarity with hand tools and power tools is required. A wood shop safety checkout is provided in the first class. Students furnish materials and most tools are provided.