Leadership Certificate Program

Coming Back Fall 2017


Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship 2018

The OSU Alumni Association and the Department of Student Leadership & Involvement are excited to accept nominations and applications for the Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship.  This fund was dedicated in order to provide scholarships for students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year who are actively involved with activities beyond class work, demonstrating they are well-rounded, contributing members of the OSU community.  

Application Due Date

Feb. 16 by 11:59 pm

Award Notification Date

March 9

Application Process

The Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding students based on the review and scoring of their application.  All applications are due by 11:59 pm on February 16, 2018. Please submit your materials electronically to osualum@osualum.com. Please provide the following:

  1. A letter (no more than 1 page) offering your response to the following question: “In what ways have you contributed as a well-rounded member of the OSU community?”  Be sure to describe the impact your involvement has made on the community.
  2. A brief description, 1 page, (include roles and highlights of accomplishments) of all of your involvement on campus to include (but not limited to) volunteerism in the OSU community, leadership in the OSU community, campus-based involvement, employment, involvement in student government, clubs/organizations, student leadership programs, community service programs, living group involvement, etc.  Think of this as creating a resume of all your activities/experiences beyond the classroom.
  3. Letters of reference from 2 individuals who have direct knowledge of your work/involvement experience outside the classroom.  At least one reference must be an OSU staff or faculty member (no family). These letters should address the above criteria as well as describe your leadership attributes.
  4. Contact information.  Please include your name, student ID number, phone number and email address, so we can contact you.

Applicant Rating

Your application will be scored based on the breadth and depth of involvement, as well as impact of the contributions you have made to the OSU community. 


The Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship Fund will award two (2) students a onetime scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00. The award will be distributed during spring term.


Peer Educators

The Peer Educators are student staff members in the Center for Leadership Development who support fellow students and the OSU community in involvement, organizational and leadership development. The Peer Educators are available to facilitate leadership and group development workshops, assist with leadership development events, and consult with individuals and teams about how to be more effective. 

To schedule a one-on-one or group consultation meeting with a Peer Educator, email leadership.development@oregonstate.edu or stop by the Leadership Development office in SEC 108 to set up an appointment.

To schedule a workshop facilitated by a Peer Educator, fill out the on-line workshop request form at least 2 weeks in advance.  



Emerging Leaders, UEXP 499

In this interactive course that serves as an introduction to leadership theory and practice, you will

  • Explore personal communication styles, values, talents, strengths, and leadership identity;
  • Build a foundation for group development, collaboration and communication;
  • Become a more effective leader and community member

The Last Year Experience, ALS 295

TLYE is intended to provide you with the skills and knowledge that will enhance your level of success after graduating from OSU. There are two parallel themes: What do I need to know as I prepare for life after college? What do I need to understand about myself as I prepare to flourish in the world?


OSU Leadership Conference 2017

The OSU Leadership Conference is a day dedicated to the development of student leaders on campus, and is designed to: aide students in comprehending their own and various other leadership styles; provide opportunities for students to gain an understanding of identities different than their own; and to develop new skills and awareness of best practices to help students become more effective leaders.

Saturday, February 18, 2017  |  10:00AM – 3:30PM  |  Memorial Union

Registration is now open!


Leadership Pathways

The OSU Leadership Minor

Whether it’s landing your dream job, starting a business, volunteering in your community or organizing a family, a minor in leadership from Oregon State University will help you make the most of your personal and professional life.

Adventure Leadership Institute

These students, learn in the wildest and most remote classrooms in the Pacific Northwest — from the forest, to the high desert, to rugged cascade peaks and glaciers. Graduates are active leaders with lifelong leadership-oriented and environmental ethics and outdoor skills.

Adelante Leadership Program

Today’s employers are looking for people with strong leadership skills and experience in team-work, social engagement, multicultural awareness, and excellent communication skills. ADELANTE is designed to help you develop those skills and become an active part of your community.