Below is a listing of campus-wide involvement opportunities, including a brief description and a link to more information!


Campus Involvement Opportunities

Adventure Club  A student-coordinated program in association with the Adventure Leadership Institute developed to bring students the opportunity to experience adventure in the outdoors and connect with other students! As a member of the Adventure Club, you are granted access to all the trips and events held through the club from rock climbing to snowshoeing, whitewater rafting to backpacking, the Adventure Club has it all.

Adventure Leadership Institute includes a variety of facilities, classes, programs, and services that support educational and leadership experiences outside the classroom. Special 'for-credit' classes are offered to provide the skills needed to lead trips or facilitate groups. Professional certificates can be obtained in these areas.

Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU)  We exist as an organization to promote academic excellence, encourage the intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development of the student body, and enable the student body to assert its varied interests as citizens and members of the academic community through democratic representation.  Our mission is to promote self-governance and leadership within the student body of Oregon State University, thereby enhancing the educational, social and cultural experience of the students.

Center for Civic Engagement  Better yourself, better the world through community engagement. In partnership with community-based organizations, the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) facilitates meaningful service, community engagement, and educational programs.

Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life  A diverse and exciting experience for you. With 44 organizations and 2,800 students there is great academic support, service and philanthropy projects, intramurals and great people to meet.

Center for Leadership Development   We support the needs of the OSU students in identifying leadership opportunities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to explore their personal identity and develop their leadership skills and potential.

Craft Center  The Memorial Union Craft Center offers well equipped studios and classes in Ceramics, Glass, B & W Photography, Woodworking, Fibers, Pen & Paper and Jewelry/Metals. Membership is open to OSU students, faculty, staff and the general public. All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. Classes are taught by skilled artists & craft persons, with an emphasis on quality small group instruction and individual attention. Come learn, explore and create in a warm and friendly environment!

Cultural & Resource Centers

Cultural Centers

OSU’s Cultural Center program coordinates safe environments in which students can learn about issues of social justice, leadership, identity, culture, heritage, history, and self expression in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect. Cultural Center staff strive to foster an inclusive community that recognizes the worth of all individuals regardless of racial/ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age, and/or physical abilities.  For more information, contact Diversity Development - 129 Snell Hall/MU EAST, 541-737-6370,

  • Asian & Pacific Cultural Center - The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center was established in 1991 by faculty and staff of Oregon State University who saw a need for a center that would serve as a focal point for the education of the campus and local community about the Asian and Pacific Islander cultures.
  • Centro Cultural César Chávez - The Centro Cultural César Chávez was established to provide a location and facility for programming various, academic, cultural, recreational and social events related to the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture and heritage. It exists to support the different ethnic and cultural peoples' pursuit of their educational goals and the retention of their culture. Further, it strives to inform both the respective cultural groups and the greater university communities about issues central to the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture and heritage.
  • Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center - The mission of the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center is to complement the academic program of studies and enrich the quality of campus life for African and African-American students at Oregon State University.
  • Native American Longhouse - The primary function of the Longhouse is to provide a gathering place for hosting cultural ceremonies, classes, conferences, lectures, performances, retreats and community events. The Longhouse provides the opportunity to build a bridge of understanding between the region's Tribes and visitors of all cultures. The Longhouse is a resource for non-Natives interested in the dynamics of cultural exchange and alternative learning styles. For learners from a Native background, the Longhouse provides a hospitable environment and a source of support honoring the cultures of the first people of this land, including Alaskan Natives & Hawaiian Natives.

Resource Centers

  • Pride Center - The Pride Center provides programs and support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersex members of the OSU community and their allies. The Pride Center affirms the identities and empowers the lives of LGBTQQI people by providing education, outreach, program support, consultation, community development, visibility and advocacy. The Pride Center is a safe space for all members of our community to explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • Women’s Center - The center serves as a campus focal point for projects directed at addressing all women's issues on campus, in the community-at-large and globally. Its goal is to provide advocacy, support, programs, resources, and opportunties to transform ideas into positive action. All visitors are welcome, inclusive of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic standing, or veteran status.

Disability Access Services (DAS) facilitates access to University programs and services for students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy.

Human Services Resource Center (HSRC)  We provide direct service, outreach, education, and referral services to OSU students that help alleviate the effects of hunger, poverty, and other human needs so that students can pursue a quality education. We also create a dynamic learning environment in which students, faculty, and the community can learn how to meet the current pressing societal challenges facing college students.

Intercultural Student Services  The mission of the Office of Intercultural Student Affairs is to build the intercultural and Cross-Cultural capacity of students through high-impact pedagogical practices and support services, so as to best inform and empower them in a globally diverse and engaged world.

International Student of Oregon State University  The International students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) leads in creating a community that enhances and influences the student experience. ISOSU facilitates cross-cultural interaction and understanding by inviting many voices from around the world to be heard. ISOSU is committed to supporting and developing a wide range of international opportunities for the OSU community focusing on the education of issues and appreciation of cultures on this university campus.  ISOSU is responsible for the International Resource Center (IRC), located in the Memorial Union.

INTO OSU Cultural Ambassador Conversant Program  Engage with your international student peers!  Help them learn about life at OSU and your culture while you learn about theirs. This is a great way to internationalize your education at OSU and gain cultural diversity experience here on campus. Cultural Ambassador groups aim to explore our campus and participate in meaningful conversations.

KidSpirit links knowledge from Oregon State University to benefit community youth in an environment that creates service and learning opportunities.  The KidSpirit staff study and demonstrate effective teaching strategies and professionalism. Staff learn life skills which increase their confidence and self-esteem while enabling them to enter the workplace as leaders.  Health, physical activity, science, and creative arts curriculum created and implemented by the KidSpirit staff improve the skills, lifestyle and social development of children of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.  Activities focus on instruction to build skills, increase self-esteem, and foster personal talents while creating friendships in a safe and positive environment.

Memorial Union Program Council  The Memorial The Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) is a student-run organization that plans and produces an array of diverse, high quality, and entertaining events that enhance student life and contribute to overall student development.  All students are welcome to get involved with our planning committees for all MUPC events.

Music/Performance Ensembles  Music students share their talents through the OSU Chamber Choir, Wind Ensemble, OSU Marching Band, the Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra, chamber groups, pep bands, concert bands, wind ensembles, jazz groups, percussion ensembles, solo recitals, opera workshops and other vocal and choral groups. Extracurricular music ensembles are available, too, performing classical, folk and vernacular music, as well as jazz, rock, and blues, on campus and beyond.

Peer Health Advocates (PHA) is a peer-to-peer volunteer organization committed to enhancing the health of the OSU community through outreach events.  PHA volunteers conduct campus activities designed to raise awareness about college health issues and promote healthy behavior choices among our peers. Past events and projects have included awareness of safer sex behaviors, HIV/AIDS, impact of stress, alcohol and substance abuse, and other health related issues

Recreational Sports can help keep you moving through all the ups and down of campus life. We host a variety of programs, resources, and services to support health and wellness within the OSU Community. Stop by Dixon Recreation Center and see how we can support you.  Programs include Adventure, Aquatics, Challenge Course, Fitness, Intramural Sports, Safety and Sport Clubs

Residence Hall Association (RHA)  Our goal is to create a sense of community for the students living in the fourteen residence halls that we serve at Oregon State University. We provide students with ample opportunities to interact with the people around them through diverse programs and events. We are a conduit to fun, friends, and learning.

Student Events & Activities Center  Student Events & Activities Center provides opportunities for OSU students to Engage In What Matters. The Center focuses on the support and development of students as programmers, leaders and active community members.  The Center’s programs are committed to enhancing the student experience by creating opportunities for students to gain a sense of mattering, belonging and lifetime connection to the OSU community.  The Center promotes tradition, celebration, learning, global engagement, social justice and legacy through activities, initiatives, cultural programming, student organization support and community participation.

Student Incidental Fees Committee (SIFC)  This committee of elected students oversees the budgeting process for the entirety of student/incidental fees.  This includes the budgets for Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, ASOSU, Educational Activities, Intercultural Student Services, Athletics, Student Sustainability Initiative, Music Ensembles, the Memorial Union, Recreational Sports, Our Little Village, and Facility Improvements.

Orange Media Network  Student Media educates and prepares students to inform, record, inspire, and engage the community. Students practice skills in writing, reporting, editing, photography, promotion, media law, graphic design, video and audio production, as well as time management, budget preparation, personnel leadership, accountability, ethics, diversity and dealing with controversy.

  • Beaver Digest - The Beaver Digest is responsible for reporting the history of the school year at Oregon State University. We cover all aspects of our campus, including athletics, organizations, academic colleges, and major events.
  • The Daily Barometer - The Barometer is OSU's student produced newspaper.  The newspaper is released daily during the week, except for holidays, finals week and weekly summer term.  The newspaper started as a monthly magazine for literature in 1896, after becoming a weekly and semi-weekly paper, it became a daily paper in 1922.  
  • KBVR-FM - The campus radio station KBVR-FM is a community radio station, with many musical and other programming.  There are news, sports, talk, and variety shows.  The music programs are of a variety of genres from Christian Alternative to Electronica and Indie Rock.  Students can be DJ's, talk show hosts, Sportscasters and more.  KBVR first started broadcasting in 1967 in Shepard Hall and has since moved over to Snell Hall.  The station has a broadcasting radius of 40 miles, and broadcasts 24/7.
  • KBVR-TV - The student-produced campus TV station.  KBVR broadcasts on channel 26 and hosts a variety of programs, in the studio and in the field.  Students can learn about production, writing, teamwork, technology, and more.  Elective credits can be earned by getting trained on all the necessary equipment and helping out on an existing program.  Students can work behind the scenes or in front of the camera reporting the news as an anchor and more.  There are many varieties of existing programs from the news, to music and comedy.
  • Prism - A student-lead tri-annual art and literary magazine.  An issue is published once per term and includes submitted pieces done by OSU students.  There are several forms of art that can be submitted.  There can be literary submissions such as, short stories, and fiction/non fiction.  Other submissions include, Graphic Design, Photography, Print, Sculpture, and more.

Student Sustainability Initiative  Supporting student efforts in creating a culture of sustainability at OSU through action, education, and opportunity.