2016-17 Recognition Renewal

Annual club and student organization recognition renewal for 2016-17 is now open.  Thank you for your patience. Your organization’s current recognition will be effective through October 31. Your recognition will expire November 1, 2016 if your organization does not complete renewal by October 28, 2016, which includes loss of benefits until renewal is completed.

  • Any currently listed officer may move forward registration for the 16/17 year. 
    • Submissions from advisors or other non­students will be rejected
    • If you want a newly elected officer to be able to move forward the registration, add them as an officer for your organization
    • If you do not elect your officers fall, either add someone returning as an “officer” so that they can add in the correct people once elected in fall, or newly elected officers will need to meet with me in fall to gain access to the renewal form
  • Please do not forget to review the information available at sli.oregonstate.edu/orgupdates for:
    • Information on student org classification
      • if you trigger any of the DSO key indicators, please contact me to schedule time for us to meet to discuss moving forward.
    • Sponsorship agreement templates and planning guide
    • Instructions for securing an EIN
      • You will not be able to submit your registration until you’ve secured a tax id number, and included it with your registration
      • If DSO, please do not apply for a federal TIN.  You tax ID is the same as OSU’s.  Contact me with questions and iof we need to change your organization’s classification in the database.


To renew your organizations registration for the current year:

  • Go to apps.ideal­-logic.com/osusli  and click the “OSU Login” option
    • You’ll be redirected to OSU’s single sign on webpage
  • Log in using your ONID login credentials
  • On the right side of your club dashboard, in a green box, you’ll see “SEAC Annual Recognition (2016/17)”
    • If you do not see this and do not have access to your club’s dashboard, you may need to complete an updated officer confirmation form. If this is the case, you should see a red “actions required” box at the top of your page letting you know that needs to be completed. Once completed, you will regain access to your club dashboard and should see the option listed above.
  • Click on that link to complete registration


Keep in mind that:

  • You can start and stop as often as you would like but once you submit your registration for approval, you will not be able to make adjustments until you are approved.
  • Most information will be pre­filled from last year’s registration, but there will be some areas that need to be updated and/or confirmed (noted with a red asterisk), so please do review your information carefully.
  • You will need to confirm or update all officers, members and
  • Your registration will not be approved until at least 4 officer/members have been fully confirmed and, if applicable, your department assigned advisor has been confirmed and sponsorship agreement has been reviewed and agreed to by all responsible parties.