Spring 2018 Technology Arts Schedule


Introductory 3d Modeling and Printing          

Wednesdays 6-8:00                                                 Apr.  18 to May 23

TA-1  Shawn O’Neil                                                 Class Fee: $50

With 3D printing, we can design and then “print” our own objects (up to ~11x6x6 inches) out of tough, colorful plastic. From artistic sculptures and basic shapes to complex mechanisms, this class will cover the basics of 3D design using free, web-based tools (TinkerCAD, SculptGL, and 3DPrinterOS). Each week students will be able to submit a design to the Valley Library 3D printer pool. We’ll discuss file types and shape representation, different printable materials and their properties, and the process of printing (including “slicing”). Though we won’t be operating the printers directly for our project…. student will have an opportunity to check out explore the instructor’s personal 3-D printer. No experience necessary, but patience with complex software is a must.


Artistic Programming: "4 hours of Code"

Saturday 11–3:00                                    Apr. 21

TA-2  Shawn O’Neil                                 Member Class Fee: $28/ Non-Member Class Fee: $40

Heard about the "hour of code" everyone is doing? How would you like to try 4 hours, with an emphasis on artistic expression through interactive digital media? We’ll learn the basics of computer programming with the processing.org framework, and write programs that graphically respond to user input, make sounds or even process live video. Because time will be tight, we’ll also provide a set of "template programs" for participants to modify according to their own vision. Bring a USB drive so you can take your programs home to run on your own computer or share with friends! Some programs can even be posted to the web for sharing via social media. The only requirements are an open mind and proficient typing skills.