Evolution of ISOSU

“ISO was created about 10 years ago as an umbrella organization for various foreign student organizations” - Students from International Student Organization---date referenced in Barometer article dated April 1986


International Student Organization visible in the Barometer:

  • ISO to hold elections
  • President Baharan Nassersharif
  • International Food Festival Winter Term
  • Election rules state: Prospective candidates must be either a foreign student, or a legal alien student, or naturalized U.S. citizen and student of OSU


International Student Organization visible in the Barometer:

  • Salim Bootwalla-ISO Senator
  • Special allocation of funds from ASOSU to make up shortage do to a reduced budget allocation of $4000.
  • Previous year’s budget $5200
  • African Affiliate Program Budget Estimate $4363.00 with only $400 of that funded through ISO
  • International Night-LaSells in May 11
  • Currently represents students from 95 countries
  • NOT a Political Organization
  • Purpose is to promote a cultural understanding among students both foreign and domestic
  • Sponsors lectures, films, musical events, etc.
  • Desk Space is in MU East Snell Hall


Copy of Compete Constitution on File

  • Name change to International Student of Oregon State University
  • Purpose:

To provide international students at this university with a basis for coming together and utilizing their union to bring to the student body and the university community their voice and opinion in matters on which they choose to express them selves

To provide the University and the Corvallis community with a student-organized  and directed body of international students which shall always be receptive to, and promote better understanding between international students and other members of the university community; through activities such as international events, national festivals, cultural exchanges and other programs.

ISOSU Executive Committee structure is elected:


Vice President of Finance

Vice President for Committees

Secretary (2)

Senator to ASOSU Senate

Faculty Advisor Chosen by students


  • ISOSU- Constitution on File
  • Mike Fox President
  • Two Additional Positions indicated
  1. Executive Director of  External Affairs
  2. Executive Director of Task Forces
  3. Vice President of Finance Changed to Executive Director of  Finance
  • Council of OSU- Executive Officers and one representative from each affiliated international student group



Educational Activities Records

  • $41,561-payroll indicated for three positions (President, Vice President and Executive of Finance)


Constitution on File- changes indicated

  • Purpose
    • To address and attempt to resolve the problems faced by international students enrolled at Oregon State University
    • To provide international students with a basis for coming together and for using their collective strengths to empower themselves, their organization, and their constituents by taking unified action to meet their common goals
    • To provide Oregon State University and the Corvallis community with an organized multi-cultural group whose members will work individually and collectively with others to promote international harmony by sponsoring and organizing a representative variety of cultural exchanges and activities such as international events, national festivals and other programs.
    • Affiliate members are recognized international student organizations who meet all university regulations for active status, and whose stated purpose is to represent the interests of students from a geographical bounded area.
    • $56,610- Ed Act Budget


Constitution on File

  • Purpose: ISOSU is a student-operated organization that strives to be a “home away from home” to international students, as well promote a better understanding of other cultures among Oregon State University students and the community. ISOSU seeks to support the following:
  1. To make experience at OSU for international students as positive as possible
  2. To promote leadership among international students also that they may effectively fulfill the vital role that they play in the community.
  3. To serve as a liaison between Oregon State University and international students as critical news and information regarding international concerns are communicated to the community.
  4. To assist international students in finding resources for academic, housing, social, financial, and career needs.
  5. To provide a social environment for international students to meet, interact and learn from one another.
  6. To create and support a diverse community of understanding and celebration of the world’s rich cultures.
  • Hiring is indicated for Executive Officers instead of elections
  • $70,660 Educational Activities Budget


  • Transitioned from RSO to a University Student Led Program
  • IRC and Welcome Center come on line
  • Constitution under revision
  • Mission Statement
  • The International Students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) seeks to facilitate cross-cultural interaction by hosting events and programs that invite many voices from around the world to be heard. We are committed to supporting and developing a wide range of international opportunities for the OSU community focusing on the education and appreciation of international issues and other cultures on this university campus.
  • Goals:
  1. We will create an organization and environment that is open to the international community, and accepting and supportive of all students.
  2. We will provide opportunity for social interaction and education to all community members through monthly activities and cultural events.
  3. We will support all recognized international/cultural organizations by providing orientation, guidance, advising, volunteers and funding where appropriate.
  4. We will be a source of information on cultural issues and world wide current events, community resources, and university procedures and policies.
  5. We will be an active participant in the OSU student government, OSU and Corvallis communities.
  6. Commitments
  7. Accountability-we are committed to identifying and fulfilling the needs of the members of our organization, the OSU community and the Corvallis community.
  8. Diversity-we embrace the diversity of all individuals and cultures.
  9. Respect-we strive to demonstrate respect, humanity, integrity and care for the well-being and safety of others in all we do.
  10. Responsibility-we are responsible for contributing to the cultural education and interaction within the OSU and Corvallis community.
  11. Truth-we will impart principles of freedom, integrity and truth in all we do.
  • Ed Act budget- $96, 178


  • Budget transitioned to MU Board
  • Supervision and support from the SEAC
  • $127, 213
  • Reevaluation of structure governing docs etc.

Short term strategic plan


International Student Reunion/Homecoming


  • ISOSU Office planned to be in the SLI Suite in new SEC building
  • IRC  increased to 2000sq ft- MU/SEC (planning)


  • ISOSU moved in to the newly built Student Experience Center (SEC)
  • The IRC also recieved a new space on the main floor of the SEC 
    • The Jane Crider mchenry International Doll Collection was donated and added to the centers entrance
    • Began a partnership with Many Hands Trading to create a display case of internationally themed goods in the IRC
  • Hosted the Grand Opening of the International Resource Center
  • Hosted the International Night Market event as ISOSU first major event under the covered plaza