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Orange Media Network elevates diverse student voices through accessible hands-on media and leadership experiences that challenge views, build grit and engage the community.


About OMN

There has been a Orange Media Network presence on the OSU campus for more than 100 years. The six student media: The Daily Barometer (8,000 circulation weekly newspaper, free), Beaver Digest Magazine ( published three times annually, free), Prism Magazine (literary and arts magazine published three times annually, free), KBVR FM, 88.7 (FCC licensed, 350 watt non-commercial radio station), and KBVR TV (educational access channel 26, serving Corvallis-Philomath), DAMchic Magazine (fashion Magazine, free). The push is on for convergence and a strong combined web presence.

The faculty and staff of the department advise, teach and provide administrative and technical support for the student staff and volunteers. The student managers hire and direct the staffs that produce the content for all the media and manage a crew of 300-400 volunteer and paid student staff.

Students practice skills in writing, reporting, editing, photography, promotion, media law, graphic design, video and audio production, as well as time management, budget preparation, personnel leadership, accountability, ethics, diversity and dealing with controversy. The media outlets are considered a co-curricular support to courses in a number of majors across the University, including but not limited to Art, New Media Communications, English, Business, Computer Science, Music, Political Science, Speech Communication and Liberal Studies.


Reception Desk


Donald Orr


Quinn Meihoff (summer 2017), Ben Windheim (academic year 2017-18)


Joe Wolf (summer 2017), Lauren Sluss (academic year 2017-18)


Alyssa Campbell


Beaver's Digest
Maddy Bradshaw


Taylor Collins


OMN Web & Mobile
Gabriel Shields (summer 2017), Hannah Loh (academic year 2017-18)


Orange Media Network Committee

The Orange Media Network Student Media Committee was established in 1982, and acts as quasi-publisher and general manager of Orange Media Network. The committee consists of voting members, four student and four faculty, and non-voting members, which includes the Director of Orange Media Network, the editors and student managers of each medium. The committee is primarily responsible for hiring editors and student managers, reviewing budgets and addressing formal complaints.

Students and faculty from across campus are encouraged to apply for the committee.


Steven Sandberg

Steven Sandberg

Position: Journalism Adviser

Office: 440 Student Experience Center


Phone: 541-737-3383


Markie BelcherMarkie Belcher

Position: Production Coordinator

Office: 444 Student Experience Center


Phone: 541-737-6375


Jack KempJack Kemp

Position: Media Engineer

Office: 426 Student Experience Center


Phone: 541-737-6322

Candace BaltzCandace Baltz

Position: Director of Orange Media Network

Office: 490 Student Experience Center


Phone: 541-737-4615

Orange Media Network Publications & Mediums

Orange Media Network oversees four student publications, a radio station and a TV studio.

Baro news logo

Daily Barometer, Newspaper

Beaver's Digest logo

Beaver's Digest, Student Lifestyle Magazine

Prism journal logo

Prism, Literary & Art Journal

DAMchic magazine logo

DAMChic, Fashion Magazine

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KBVR 88.7FM, Want to broadcast a Public Service Announcement on KBVR FM? Fill out our PSA form.

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KBVR-TV, Comcast Ch. 26 and streaming online