The OMN Creative Video Consultant is responsible for coordinating and creating video projects for OMN mediums and outside clients.


They follow OMN policies and procedures to advance Orange Media Network’s reputation for excellence as a welcoming, engaging and inclusive organization.


The student should be familiar with all aspects of video production, including shooting video, editing video, storyboarding, pitching ideas, and adhering to deadlines.



  • Comfortable shooting and editing video
  • Knowledgeable about field video production
  • Knowledgeable of how to create video content and able and interested in learning to create content for all media platforms
  • Knowledgeable of legal regulations and ethical principles guiding television and video
  • Knowledgeable of Adobe Premiere
  • Is organized and reliable
  • Is a strong writer, communicator and comfortable with public speaking
  • Is experienced with giving and receiving feedback
  • Is capable of leading and coaching others to be their best
  • Able to remain professional and calm when working with difficult individuals and situations
  • Is knowledgeable and experienced in building and maintaining relationships with sources, stakeholders, partners, collaborators and the community
  • Meets university eligibility requirements, including but not limited to:
    • Must be currently enrolled at Oregon State University for at least 6 academic credits
    • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5
    • Must remain in a good academic standing from the term prior to selection and during the entire period of employment
  • Must complete all elements of Spring On-Boarding Curriculum (April 11-June 13, 2018)


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strongly Preferred: has previously been a paid staff member of OMN
  • Strongly Preferred: prior attendance and participation in OMN Boot Camp



  • Participation
    • Must attend and fully participate in OMN Boot Camp (Sept. 5-7, 2018; Sep. 10-12, 2018) and be available to work (Sep. 13-19, 2018) before school starts.
    • Must participate in Welcome Week activities (Sept. 21-23, 2018)
    • Ensure that you complete all OMN surveys, including but not limited to the Weekly and Term Assessments
    • Attend and participate in weekly creative video cohort meetings to train, review the week’s strengths and areas for improvement, and most importantly, brainstorm.
  • Conduct
    • Act in a professional manner at all times
    • Be an enthusiastic representative of OMN
    • Be an enthusiastic coach and leader for staff and volunteers
    • Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as they are about their own successes
    • Be good stewards of OMN resources by ensuring that OMN equipment is only used for OMN work and following OMN policies and procedures
  • Leadership
    • Be an approachable leader within the OMN organization, capable of seeing things from the 5,000-foot level and representing the entire organization as needed
    • Work to create an inclusive culture of celebration and perseverance
    • Think only the best, work only for the best and expect only the best
    • Leave a legacy of accomplishment through an unwavering commitment to reflection, growth and serving the OSU community
  • Engagement
    • Consider audience needs in all content and production
  • Communication
    • Notify adviser and the Director of OMN immediately should any ethical, legal, personnel or controversial problems occur
    • Alert professional staff immediately on issues with equipment, and proactively collaborate with adviser on anticipating and resolving issues with student staff, productions, participants, guest and viewer issues
    • Respond to emails and phone calls the same day, professionally representing OMN
    • Immediately respond to questions and comments from viewers with the utmost professionalism



  • Content Creation
    • Work to ensure that content is current, relevant, and consistent with OMN’s mission, vision, and policies
    • Ensure all content strives to be representative of the myriad of experiences and identities of the OSU community through source selection, guest selection, topic selection, and image selection
  • Hiring and payroll
    • Disciplinary action must be approved by adviser, based on University Human Resources guidelines and following OMN’s 3-strike process
    • Follow hiring or volunteer-onboarding process and immediately report all new hires or volunteers to the Administrative Program Specialist so that they can complete forms.
    • Ensure that all volunteers have completed the volunteer agreement form, are eligible and consistently meet expectations
  • Management
    • Provide leadership, coaching, and mentorship to other students and crew, and establish procedures that encourage learning, student participation, accountability and media excellence
    • Ensure you are using, checking and responding to BaseCamp for project management
    • Set high standards and hold others to those expectations and in accordance to OMN policies and procedures
    • Work collaboratively with other mediums to create a welcoming and inter-disciplinary environment
    • Ensure that all students are given opportunities to grow and try new roles, positions and leadership opportunities. Collaborate with adviser on new ways for staff to advance in their skills
    • Other duties as assigned by the adviser, director.
  • Creative Video Consultant Responsibilities
    • Meet all deadlines and follow steps in video creation process in Basecamp.
    • Conduct shoots for promotional videos, public service announcements, liners, house advertisements and other special graphic and video needs. Collaborate with other members of the Creative Video team as needed.
    • Work with Creative Video Team to create an average of at least three videos per week from Orange Media Network. These videos would be used on channel 26, YouTube, web site and social media,
    • Over the course of the year, some expected Creative Video projects include, but are not limited to:
      • :15 and :30 hype/promo videos to play on channel 26 and social media focusing on:
        • The Baro (general) (fall)
        • The Juice newsletter (summer, fall)
        • KBVR-FM Play-by-Play (football and women’s basketball) (Fall, winter)
        • DAMchic (each magazine release)
        • Beavers Digest (each magazine release)
        • Prism (each magazine release)
        • KBVR-TV (Fall)
        • Individual KBVR-TV shows (Fall)
        • KBVR-FM (Fall)
        • Individual shows on KBVR-FM  (work with FM station manager to identify up to five shows to create videos for) (winter)
        • Open Houses (summer, fall)
        • Bring Your Kid to Work Day (winter, spring)
        • Magazine Launch Parties (each term)
        • We’re Hiring (for specific mediums and positions) (fall, winter, spring)
        • :60- 1:20  Behind-The-Scenes of each medium (ongoing)
        • Senior Spotlight (spring)
        • Campaign: Best Of Beaver Nation –promo to encourage voting (winter, spring)
        • Campaign:  Housing Fair—promo to encourage attendance (winter)
        • PSAs which may include: sexual assault awareness, bystander intervention, sober activities, wellbeing tips, student resources (food pantry, mind spa, emergency financial aid, etc.)
        • The Baro (special editions—promoting cover stories)
        • Funny/obscure national days of awareness (ongoing)
    • Create videos for outside clients, as the direction of the Broadcast Coordinator, OMN Assistant Director, or OMN Director.
    • Create multiple storyboards for each video project and pitch them to the client/stakeholder.
  • Collaboration
    • Be a collaborator with fellow OMN leaders in the shared use of facilities, equipment and content to benefit all OMN publications, mediums and audience



Pay Rate:  10 hours per week at $11.50 per hour


I have read and acknowledged the responsibilities of this position.  I understand that accepting this position is dependent on meeting the criteria above.  Implicit in this agreement is compliance with all University standards and guidelines.



Signature: ___________________________________________     Date: _________________

OSU is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.