Recognized Student Organizations

The SORCE Activity Fund is out of money as of 2/9/2018 :(

Please, do not submit any new Activity Fund requests until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.


This is a clearly defined access point for OSU Corvallis-Recognized Student Organizations and individual students to apply for resources to support opportunities for OSU students to participate in out of the classroom activities. This fund will primarily provide opportunity to utilize student fee dollars to host and participate in activities through five (5) designated allocation types:

Funding Limits per Category
Programs/Events/Activities $10,000
Organization Development $1,000
Partnership (Org. Travel Activities, Urgent need etc..) $2,000
Late Night Activities (Thurs - Sat, 10pm-2am) $10,000
Total Funding Limit per recongized student organization per year is $10,000.

Recognized student organizations that have initiated an online Student Organization activity plan, including submission of all required training, SORCE materials and detailed budgets.


                             Timeline                               Criteria                     Process & Approved Expenses


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Program/Events/Activities Allocation                                   


Purpose: To provide funding resources, development and support for activities on or within 10 miles of the OSU campus that are out of the classroom, student organization sponsored events and activities open to the broader student population for participation, including: cultural exchange and learning, identity and community development, social justice and civic engagement, health and well-being, etc.

Student Organizations annual allocation up to $10,000.

Specific Criteria:

Activities must be open to participation by club and non-club members with non-club members making up a minimum of 20% attendees. Activities that provide a meal service (breakfast, lunch or dinner) are required to distribute tickets. Non-OSU students tickets must have a minimum charge of $5.00 with full coverage of actual meal cost. If the catering charge per person is $15.00 the ticket would be $15 for non-OSU students.



Organization Development Allocation           


To provide funding for the purpose of activities on or within 10 miles of the OSU campus focused on the functionality and development of the student organization, including promotion, recruitment, leadership, training, member retention & development, operating supplies and leadership transition

Student Organizations annual allocation up to $1,000.








Partnership Allocation                                 


A partnership with SLI SORCE that provides an allocation of funds towards support of programming that addresses a timely critical issue, i.e. national or natural disaster;  participation in a conference/competition requiring travel; a one-time fee associated with establishment of a student organization as a member organization of a regional, national or international organization; or a student organization budget deficit for fundable expenses due to unforeseen circumstance.

  • Activity addressing a timely critical issue limited to $1,000 and if the activity is raising funds SORCE is limited to covering 50% of the total cost up to $1,000.
  • Organizations can receive up to $2,000 of the Partnership Allocation allotment for the purpose of participation at conference or competition annually.
  • Organizations can receive up to $1,500 of the Partnership Allocation allotment towards budget deficit annually. Request for the Partnership Allocation towards budget deficit should be made no later than 4 weeks after the deficit occurs and requires a meeting with the SORCE Advisor in advance of submission.
  • Organizations are eligible to receive a one-time allocation of up to $500 towards a membership fee for establishment of an organization as an affiliate of a national or international organization.
  • Travel should not be for personal business or credited academic achievement.
  • SORCE travel allocations cannot exceed the University standards for allocation of travel cost, including using the high and low city cost allowance for motels.

Student Organizations annual allocation up to $2,000.






Late Night Program Allocation                     


SLI has a new Late Night Initiative supporting activities between 10PM and 2AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These funds are specifically for recognized student organization collaboration.


Student Organizations activities that are:

Held on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evenings between 10PM and 2AM, open to all OSU students and held on or within 10 miles of the OSU campus.

Provide OSU students with community based activities during the timeframe associated with high risk behaviors to promote healthy and safe behaviors.


Establish a program partnership with SLI Late Night.