Below you will find budgets approved by the SSI Fee Board and the Student and Incidental Fee Committee.

Contingency Fund Protocol
Based off suggestion from the April 14, 2010 Fee Board Meeting:
Currently, the SSI is overseeing a Contingency Fund that has been set up as a place to deposit left over monies from each years budget. The money that has been placed in this fund was originally allocated to be used by the SSI and its staff. As such, the board has decided that any money used from this fund must be used in a similar manner, and approved by the SSI Fee Board. Building improvements and Maintenance fall within contingency fund usage. SIFC recommends maintaining two months of operational budget in Fund. Uses for the Contingency Fund include:
  • Site improvements and projects
  • Summer project coordinator projects, wages, materials
  • Increased project funding for project coordinators
  • Expanding Revolving Loan Fund and Green Fee Grant investments