Below are the currently available workshops your organization can choose from:

Sustainable Landscaping: Times vary in length.

Time to start that kitchen garden you've always dreamed of? Want help building a compost system, raised garden beds, trellis or other outdoor structure? Maybe you have dreams of turning your kitchen waste into a rich, steaming heap of "Gardener's Gold"? Perhaps it's time to commemorate a landmark occasion with the planting of a tree that is sure to provide food, shade, leaf mulch and other services for generations to come? Let the Student Sustainability Initiative help with those goals. We have landscape, garden, and water project coordinators that have special knowledge and skills in these topic areas:

  • Choosing an appropriate garden site

  • Building raised garden beds

  • Creation of a compost system

  • Tree Planting

  • Tree pruning

  • Bioswales for water management (flooding pathways may be amended!)

  • Hugulkultur (burying wood to improve soil and eliminate waste)

  • Establishing a perennial garden

  • Drought tolerant, native landscaping

  • Low-maintenance "eco-lawns"

  • Permaculture site-analysis and design


Green Your Event: 30 minutes

Learn how to create holistically sustainable events that uphold all three pillars of SSI’s model: economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Participants will learn:

  • How to sustainably market an event

  • How to utilize on campus sustainable event planning resources

  • How to sustainably cater an event, and more!


Garden Work Parties: 2 Hours

Garden Parties are a way to get involved in on-campus sustainable gardening and are held every Wednesday from 4-6pm and are lead by our Garden Coordinator! The garden work parties are open to all students who wish to attend and participate. No prior gardening experience is required! Garden parties have been and always will be open to individuals of any intersection of identites and abilities. Current conditions require mobility over grass and gravel.


Growing Food Security Workshops: Times vary in length.

At Growing Food Security Workshops, we will not only learn sustainable skills regarding nutrition and food, but also about the overall climate of the U.S. food industry.

  • Future workshops and field trips will be listed here!


Social Sustainability and Justice Workshop: 1 Hour

Our Justice Coordinator holds social justice workshops based on discussions of privilege, power dynamics, and intersecting identities. Participants will leave the workshop having a better understanding of:

  • Dynamics of power and oppression in society and at OSU

  • The complexity and importance of understanding one’s privilege

  • Why social sustainability is an important pillar of the SSI and OSU


Ethical Purchasing and Fair Trade Workshop: 30 Minutes

From shirts and sweatshirts to water bottles and coffee cups. If your organization purchases anything under the sun, then this is the workshop for you! In this presentation groups will be presented with information that makes it easy to be conscientious consumers.
  • Understand what ethical purchasing is.
  • Understand why ethical purchasing is important.
  • Understand how to purchase more ethically.


Recycling on Campus – How To

Recycling isn’t the same everywhere you go. This is because different areas have varying demands for recyclable materials. To clear up any confusion, members of Campus Recycling’s Outreach team will give a 30 minute presentation, about what is and isn’t recyclable in each of OSU’s waste streams – containers, paper, and cardboard. We will also discuss options for recycling special materials (materials that can’t go into the main streams, such as batteries). This workshop is for groups that are located or focus their work on campus. Come prepared with any questions you have about recycling on campus. A quiz will follow to test what you have learned. Finally, we will discuss what resources Campus Recycling can provide for your group as well as how our groups can collaborate.

Learning Outcomes:
·         Become knowledgeable about how to recycle on campus in each of the three streams.
·         Become familiar with what the options we have for recycling special materials.
·         Become familiar with what resources Campus Recycling can offer your group.
·         Discuss ideas and plan for collaboration in the future.