Introducing: Leadership Labs! 

Every week we will be offering different and interactive leadership workshops that aim to build your leadership skills in a fun and welcoming environment. All workshops are one hour and are held in the Involvement Lounge at SEC 112. No pre-registration is required.


Spring 2017 Schedule:


Leadership and You: Who are you as a leader? Do you even see yourself as a leader? What kind of leader do you want to be? In order to answer these questions, this thought-provoking session involves exploring various leadership models and philosophies, as well as your personal thoughts on what it means to be a leader.

Leading with Confidence: Gain tips and tactics on how to lead with confidence and value yourself through your leadership journey.

Juicy Leadership: A juicy leader is happy, creative, and well-balanced. This interactive workshop explores various ways to introduce a bit more juiciness into our lives and leadership positions. 

Leadership + Positivity: Learn how to build a positive outlook into your leadership style through personal development, group inspiration, and turning failures into opportunities for success.