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Friday, September 27, 2019 | Noon-4p

Memorial Union Quad & SEC Plaza

Registration link Below (Registration Closes 9/11/19

The Beaver Community Fair is a great opportunity for your organization to connect with new and returning OSU students.  The price structure below includes potential discounts for businesses and organizations that are willing and able to provide substantial giveaways to students.  Please review and register by clicking on the "Register to Participate" link at the bottom of the page.

At Oregon State University, we are steadfast in our pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion and do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We reserves the right to require modification of any booth/content that does not align with OSU’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Important Notes:

  • Sales are not permitted!
  • All registrants will receive one 6' or 8' table, two chairs and a 10x10 space. 
    • E-mail confirmation of booth location will occur by September 24, 2019 for those pre-registered.
    • If you are utilizing a canopy (not provided) you must secure it (with weights - no staking allowed).
    • Requests for specific placement location and/or proximity to specific organizations will be considered, but are not guaranteed (submit request during registration).
    • All participants are responsible for clean-up of assigned area and take down of table and chair.
  • Power Needs:  Access to electricity is very limited, so when you register, you'll need to specifically detail every item needing power, including the number of amps that each item draws.
    • You will not be considered for power if this information is not complete!
    • We will not provide power for laptop computers, tablets, etc. 
    • We will inform you at least 1 week before the fair if we can accommodate your request.
  • Food: Individually wrapped candies permitted without approval and do not need to be reported. Any additional food/beverage items must be requested during registration, will require compliance with Benton County Health and be preapproved.

  Register Online here

Note: You will be redirected to to register.  You'll register and create a log-in by clicking the "Non-OSU Login >" option.


Beaver Community Fair 2019 - Vendor Fees

Registration fee includes a 10'x10' space, one 6' or 8' table and 2 chairs.

General Vendor - $200*
Food Vendor - $200**
Registered Non-Profit & Government Agencies - $150
Additional Table - $35

Additional table must be maintained within the same 10'x10' space assigned to your organization.

Additional Booth - $200

Requests for an additional booth space will require paying the full fee for the 2nd space (discounts do not apply to 2nd space).

Parking - $10 (you purchase on your own)

All OSU parking regulations must be adhered to. Vendors are responsible for purchasing their own parking permit for the day.  Day permits for parking on campus are available for pre-purchase during registration.  Refer to TAPS site for more information on campus parking -

Refunds and Cancellations

Vendor payments will be refunded upon written notice of cancellation on or before September 4, 2019 for the full amount paid excluding a $25.00 processing fee.  Any cancellation notices received after September 4, 2019 will not be refunded.

*Vendors providing prizes, gift-certificates or other giveaways valued at a minimum of $50 are eligible to have that amount - up to $150 ($100 for non-profits/gov. entities ) - discounted from their registration fee (every participant must pay a minimum $50 fee after discounts).
  • This prize donation must be made available for a general drawing to be held throughout the duration of the fair to be valid towards the registration discounts.
    • Requiring students to sign-up or enter into any type of relationship with your organization in order to be eligible to win is strictly prohibited. 
  • A detailed description of the intended giveaway, included estimated value must be included during registration to be considered for discount.
  • Discounts will be applied at the discretion of Student Experiences and Engagement upon approval of intended donation.
    • Gift baskets will be considered but must be fully assembled, with no individual item in the basket valued at less than $15 (maintaining an overall minimal value of $50).
    • Organizationally branded/promotional swag is not eligible for discount
    • Previously used and highly individualized items (i.e. vitamins, supplements and other personal use items) are not eligible for discount.
**Food vendors providing samples (1000 minimum samples required) will qualify for a reduced registration fee of $50.
  • Oregon State University requires that food vendors maintain all safety and sanitation practices required of a temporary restaurant by Benton County Environmental Health, while vending SAMPLES (not to exceed a three ounce portion) of their line of food product; food sales are not permitted by vendors during the fair.  

Register Online here

Note: You will be redirected to to register.  You'll register and create a log-in by clicking the "Non-OSU Login >" option.

Questions?  Contact Danté Holloway at 541.737.1562 or