Meet Our Team

We are here to help any students who wish to get involved in meaningful service and other community engagement opportunities.

Please feel free to email us at, call at 541-737-3041, or stop by SEC 206 with any questions you have. We're open Mondays through Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm. 

Leadership Team

Eric Beeler
Program Coordinator

Emily Bowling
Assistant Director

Vickie Gimm
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Community Partnership Specialists | 541-737-3041

Dustin Diep

Anabel Mendoza

Sage Wylder

Event Specialists | 541-737-3041

Karina Ruiz Lopez

Teresa Sorensen

Kiara Tomlinson

Media Specialists| 541-737-3041

Samantha Ball

Langley Black

Outreach Specialists| 541-737-3041

Berry Beadles

Amanda Carlin

Kim Knudtson

Projects Team| 541-737-3041

Sofia Baum
Project Specialist

Clark Chesshir
Waste Watchers Specialist

Nolan Gunter
Growing Food Security Specialist