The Center for Civic Engagement is a resource for OSU and the Corvallis Community!



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If you or your group would like to spread the word about opportunities for student involvement, you can submit them to our weekly Newsletter. Our Newsletter features upcoming volunteer/service opportunities, internship and job openings, campus and community events, and other announcments related to community engagement.
Please use the CCE Newsletter submission form to have your announcement included in our weekly newsletter.



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If you are a community or campus-based organization seeking volunteers for a one-time or ongoing event or project, you can submit the opportunity to our database. We will add it to our list of known community opportunities for student involvement and we will post it to our website and encourage student participation! Please use the submit a service opportunity form to do so.



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If you are a student or a student group looking to get involved in community service and civic engagement in the OSU and Corvallis community, we can help you look! We are happy to help you find the right fit for a project or event in the community that fits your interests and availability. You can come in for a consultation with one of our staff members between 9am and 5pm every week day. If you would like to schedule an appointment instead of coming in on a drop in basis, please submit a consultation request form. this will allow us to ensure that a staff member is available to talk to you specifically at your convenience.



If you are a student or a student group already involved in community service and civic engagement, we can help you track your hours! Please help us to report on the great work that OSU students have accomplished in our community. We encourage you to submit these forms to track your service hours with the CCE. Be sure to review the rules and guidelines for form submissions when tracking your hours with us. Please see below for a list of form options.

Alternatively, complete an online webform for service hour tracking.You can also drop by our office in the Student Experience Center room 206 where we will have everything you need to start tracking your hours.

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If you are a part of a Greek Organization looking to apply for the annual Community Values Award, you can submit your tracked hours individually or as a group. The submission of hours is the same process as for our general hours tracking, but there are very specific requirements for your service to be counted towards the total for your Greek Chapter. You must follow all hours tracking guidelines and fully complete the hours tracking form(s). You must provide the name of the Greek Chapter you are volunteering with. Not all activities will be counted for Community Values Award, particularly events and activities that are philanthropic or charitable in nature rather than engaging in direct service or activism. Additionally, your Greek Chapter will need to submit a final application packet including a narrative and summary of your group's impact on the community. For more information, review the Community Values Award page of information or contact our staff.