Civic Engagement Tracking

Record your civic engagement activity with the Center for the Civic Engagement. 


Resources and Tools for Planning Civic Engagement Projects

Download our guides on service planning, reflection facilitation, community entry, and using philanthropy for social change.


Community Entry & Being Prepared for a Project

Check out our list of considerations for community entry and recommendations for what to bring/wear before participating in a project.


Civic Engagement-Related Student Organizations

Browse through various civic engagement and service student clubs and organizations that focus on a broad range of civic engagement, including community service, political advocacy/activism, cultural awareness/advocacy, sustainability, and social issue awareness.


Engagement & Wellness

Working for social change is hard and taxing work. Staying healthy and engaging in self-care is paramount to ensuring that you are able do the most for your community and not letting your work impair your wellbeing.


Benton County Extension Office

The OSU Extension Service engages the people of Oregon with research-based knowledge and education that strengthen communities and economies, sustain natural resources, and promote healthy families and individuals.


Civic Engagement Resources

Read through our collection of articles, books and websites to learn more about civic engagement in higher education.