What are you passionate about?
What makes you tick?
What is one thing that you can do to better the world you live in?

Declare your DOT on the form below to become a part of a campus-wide movement to create positive social change. After you submit, be sure to stop into the Center for Civic Engagement (SEC 206) to pick up the tools you need to spread the word (door hanger and window decal)! 

Remember, your DOT is something that requires an ongoing commitment. By applying your DOT to your everyday life, you will inspire those around you to take action in their own communities. At first your DOT may seem small, but connect thousands of DOTs together and you'll see a movement of change happening!

Need an idea? Click here to see a full list of suggestions gathered by the CCE from our local and global communities. You can also visit the Saatchi & Saatchi S ideas page on their website. 



What is your affiliation with OSU?
If you live in a residence hall, which one do you live in?
Tell us about your DOT! What are you doing for community betterment?
What issue area(s) is your work addressing?
What type of work are you doing?
What community or nonprofit organization or campus group does your work involve/serve?
Please include the address of the organization you are serving or working with. Include street address if possible but town and state are fine!
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