The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) offers a variety of workshops and presentations that can help you and/or your organization have more positive and impactful experiences with civic engagement, as well as a brief introduction to the CCE. See below for descriptions of all of our workshops. The times listed with the workshops reflect an approximate time frame for each session. However, we are able to tailor the timeframe as needed. While these workshops are primarily intended for OSU student organizations, courses, and departments, we are open to adapting them to your needs. You may also request a custom workshop that cover selected topics from different workshops or potentially topics outside of our premade workshops, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. For preparation and planning purposes, please make your request at least two weeks in advance.

Student Leadership & Involvement also offers leadership and organizational development workshops. See the full list of offerings and request form.

An Introduction to the CCE (15 minutes)

You probably know who we are and what we do, but you want your organization to know as well, right? This short presentation will outline the CCE's mission and vision, as well as events, programming, and resources.

So What is Civic Engagement Anyway?: How to Enhance Yourself & Your Organization Through Service to Community (30-45 minutes)

This workshop is our basic overview presentation for those looking to know more what civic engagement is and how it applies to them. We cover topics like defining civic engagement and service, why is it is important to be engaged, the benefits being engaged provides to you, your organization, and the community, and an overview of the CCE and how you can partner with us. We can also recommend specific suggestions and partnership ideas for your club or organization based upon its mission and needs.

Defining Service/Civic Engagement (45-60 minutes)

People define service and civic engagement in many ways. This interactive activity is designed for participants to explore their personal philosophy of service and civic engagement as well as the wide variety of activities that fit within the broad category of civic engagement. Participants will engage in dialog with each other to understand different perspectives on civic engagement and also begin to develop their own short and long term civic engagement goals.

Social Change Tree (60 minutes)

Social issues are complex and interconnected. This interactive activity is designed for small groups to examine a social issue that is of importance to them. The activity uses a tree as a metaphor for a social issue in order for participants to analyze the symptoms and root causes of a social issue. The activity also utilizes principles of the social change model of leadership development for participants to explore what individuals and groups can do to address the social issue. Finally, the activity includes imagining a better future in which there are social improvements resulting from the ideas the group generates.

Becoming An Effective Site Leader (60 minutes)

Now that your organization has decided to participate in a community service project and you are responsible for leading it, there can be a lot to consider to make it an effective learning experience, maintaining good communication and relationships with your community partner, and ensuring everyone is engaged and having fun. Let us share our expertise and get you up to speed on best practices for becoming an effective site leader. We cover a step-by-step guide on how to site lead before, during, and after the project, including vital considerations like community entry, reflection practices, and framing the experience for your participants. After completing this workshop, you will also be authorized to be a site leader for the CCE during our Days of Service.

Relational, Not Transactional: How to Build Partnerships with Community-Based Organizations (60 minutes)

There is often an unequal power dynamic between volunteers and the communities they work with. To create positive social change, we must address this and seek to “do with” rather than “do for” or "do to" our community. When you work towards a positive relationship with your community partners, it creates an impactful experience for everyone involved. This workshop will provide the framework for mindful community entry and partnership development based on requests that our community partners have made over the years.

From A to Z: Planning a Service Project with Meaningful Reflection (60 minutes)

There are lots of logistical bases to cover when it comes to planning a service project. This session will cover everything including how to respectfully reach out to a community partner, how to organize volunteers, and to how to facilitate reflection that connects your service to a bigger picture of social change.

Charity vs. Change: Revitalizing Philanthropy (60 minutes)

As well-intentioned as our philanthropy efforts are, they need to incorporate elements of social change to upset systems that create the problems we seek to address. Participants in this workshop will critically analyze the impacts of their philanthropy program, learn the difference between charity and change, and brainstorm ways to incorporate social change into their program in meaningful and impactful ways.

Tabling Request

Have an event that involves tabling? Does it relate to making the world a better place? Use this option to request having the CCE table at your event.


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