Photo of Jesse PettiboneName: Jesse Pettibone
Major: Environmental Policy 
Year: Sophomore

Jesse Pettibone, a sophomore from a small Southern Oregon town called Myrtle Creek, found his calling because of his hometown’s reliance on their mill. He has declared Environmental Policy as his major and is interested in adding Sustainability. Though he is a sophomore he already has a post-graduate plan in mind. Jesse’s dream is to create sustainable economies and communities in struggling small towns throughout North America. He would like to partner with organizations who stand for a positive message he believes in to network and gain experience.
He views leadership as “inspiring others to do something that matters”, and is definitely creating positive change with Students Engaging Tomorrow, the environmental justice organization he created and is now serving as President. The group’s main focus is on student voice for OSU Divest, a national movement adapted by universities asking their investments be removed from fossil fuel. Jesse said his involvement with Divest has made his whole Oregon State experience and connected him with so many people, “each day on campus is great because I see someone I know everywhere I go.”
Deciding to be involved at all was the most important leadership choice he has made. Jesse said he was open to new opportunities and when one fell in to his lap he had to decide whether to take advantage of it or not. His advice to other students is to be open to trying things, but also don’t be afraid to say no and have an openness; to new ideas, critique and improvement. “I am constantly reexamining myself and questioning what I do. As a leader it is important to regularly reflect on what you are doing”.
When in doubt, just go for it! “Dream as big as you can, don’t worry about if it is possible or not until you have your idea and then go back and figure out how to make it happen.”