Photo of Jessica Marion TaylorName: Jessica Marion Taylor
Major: Human Development and Family Science
Year: Junior

Jessica was born in Las Vegas but then decided to move to the State of Oregon in search of an adventure. She was accepted by Oregon State University and knew that she wanted to help people especially young moms living in poverty. She believes that they are an underrepresented population and that they should be accounted for. Jessica first got involved by joining a sorority and becoming connected. Her first leadership position was being elected Pan-Hellenic Delegate, a position where she represents her chapter at Pan-Hellenic meetings. She is also Vice President of New Member Education. 

It was in Jessica’s sorority that she learned about the Leadership Minor offered at Oregon State. Jessica knew that the minor would be a wonderful opportunity to gain more experience working with people. She knows that having a background in leadership can also help you stand out when applying for jobs, she notes that ‘it’s one thing to be apart of a company, but to be a leader in a company is much more beneficial and can help you grow as a person’. 

The Leadership Minor class has helped Jessica comprise, organize, and evaluate her leadership experiences. Jessica has worked with the Independent Living Program working closely with foster youth and helping them with tasks concerned with daily living, to getting them ready for life after high school. She admits that at first she was nervous because the program allows students to take full responsibility and duty for the kids they are assigned. Later she realized it was an amazing leadership opportunity where she received and learned vital self-managerial skills through the experience. Her favorite part of the program was working as a team to inspire kids who are looking towards college opportunities. 

Jessica defines herself as a leader who works closely with people. She believes that positivity is key when you wish to motivate others to go beyond them selves. Jessica notes that ‘qualities that a leader should posses are to be passionate about your cause, to have well-defined organizational skills, and to be able to inspire people to greatness’. The biggest challenge she believes leaders face is the pressure of others expecting them to be perfect. She says that ‘you shouldn’t be afraid to take a moment to think about your response to some one, try not to just jump to something, they’ll appreciate you more for that’. She admits that it’s also necessary to take time for your self to distress especially during the week. 

Currently Jessica is working with the Boys and Girls Club and is thoroughly enjoying the new experience. She is helping create lesson plans, posters, and organizational tasks for ‘Safety Town’ Summer Program held in Corvallis. This program will help to teach kindergarten aged children road, traffic, and dog safety.