Photo of Jon TranName: Jon Tran

Major: General Science with an option in Pre-Pharmacy

Year: Senior


Jon is from Beaverton, Oregon and is currently a senior with plans to graduate in Spring 2014. Upon coming to OSU, Jon has been involved with many campus organizations including the Pre-Pharmacy Society for two years and Peer Health Advocates for two years. As a current member of Peer Health Advocates, Jon helps plan health promotion campus outreach events and works with other student volunteers to promote healthy behaviors to the campus community. Jon also traveled to Loni, India last summer to be an intern in the Center of Social Medicine. He shadowed departments in hospitals as well as educated children in various villages about important health issues such as malnutrition, sanitation, and personal hygiene. Jon plans on joining the INTO Cultural Ambassador Conversant program during Spring term which works one-on-one with international students to help them feel more at home at OSU.

Jon has held two paid positions during his time at OSU, the first of which is in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Jon has been an office assistant there for three years and helps with student services, admissions, and assists the Dean. Jon’s other job is held as the External Coordinator at the OSU Human Services Resource Center located in Snell Hall. The mission of the HSRC is to help alleviate the effects of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and food insecurity so that students can pursue a quality education. Jon works to raise awareness of resources available to students, as well as assists with the OSU emergency food pantry. He also works with other campus partners to collaborate for events such as recently working with the Center for Civic Engagement to help plan Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Jon says that part of his position at the HSRC is to “challenge myself everyday to step out of my comfort zone in order to build a stronger community and raise awareness about important issues that students are facing.”

Jon has gained many benefits from his campus involvement, including the fact that he has made friends from many different backgrounds, has been given many opportunities for the future, has gotten a large amount of work experience, as well as a greater understanding of cultural diversity. When asked for advice for students looking to get involved, Jon says “seek and take any opportunity to be involved that you can get but don’t put too much on your plate, you are student and that should come first”.

When asked for a personal definition of leadership, Jon says that “being an example to others but also being able to admit your own faults is key in being a successful leader.” Jon plans on joining Americorp after graduation to do a year of community service, hopefully in San Diego, California. Thank you Jon for your involvement and commitment to helping students on campus