Photo of Julie PhanName: Julie Phan
Year: Senior
Major: Exercise and Sports Science with an option in Fitness and Nutrition

Julie Phan, is graduating next month with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, but she started out as a Microbiology major. However, when she began working at Dixon as a dance instructor, her coworkers and boss influenced her to change her lifestyle. Julie said her boss made a huge impact on her because he pushed her past her limits and encouraged her to try. “There should be no regrets in your decisions because it is a change you can take. Don’t reject a chance because it might not come again.” He also taught her to “be you, don’t let people judge you for who you are. You can change yourself for the better but you will always be you and you can’t change that.” Julie says she was active before, but fitness quickly became a bigger priority for her. She is interested in naturopathic and holistic health. Julie values wellness attributed by a healthy lifestyle and diet and is currently searching for an internship focused on natural medicine. Her post graduation goals include working at a fitness center and possibly breaking in to massage therapy. 

Fitness has had a large role in Julie’s involvement at Oregon State University. During her time on campus she was involved in the Hip Hop Student Association. She was in charge of Public Relations for the group, and communicated with dancers in the Portland area to bring them to Corvallis for workshops. This helped unite the organization as people who love Hip Hop music and culture. Julie was also involved in FeelGood at Oregon State, as the Dance Against Hunger event chair. This event supported the Hunger Project, a fundraiser to donate food to third world countries. The model for the fundraiser is “one grilled cheese at a time”, an event to collect donations where free grilled cheese sandwiches were given out in Memorial Union Quad. Julie has taught Hip Hop to middle school students in Portland as well, she hopes to reconnect and continue teaching dance after graduation.

Currently, Julie is actively involved in Isang Bansang Pilipino or IBP, Oregon State’s Filipino Student Association. She is also Oregon State’s representative for the Northwest Filipino American Student Association which includes universities throughout Oregon and Washington. The association has meetings once a month to talk about events coming up, cultural nights for example. Julie acts as a liaison between Oregon State and the other campuses to inform students of events they can attend and also travels to different universities. This creates a community between students from different universities. Some events Oregon State hosts include Halo Halo Night, and Lumpia and Spam Musubi fundraisers which finance student trips to conferences to attend workshops and network. 

Julie’s experience at Oregon State has inspired her to be a role model for her relatives. “I want to show them you can work for who you want to be, don’t let others tell you differently. Words may hurt you, but you can choose to be a leader and make a difference in what you choose. You don’t have to prove anything to others, but prove it to yourself.” Kindness and humility are characteristics Julie thinks are invaluable to possess as a leader. Being nice makes you more approachable and easier to talk to. Julie says a leader is also someone who is selfless, it is important to ask others their opinion and to speak up for others as a unit, not just for yourself. As a student leader herself, Julie things technology is creating challenges for her peers. “Technology is changing everything. Growing up I didn’t have Facebook, social networking has a huge influence right now. People don’t call anymore, you can’t hear tone or emotion. It’s easier to connect with people when you’re actually face to face.”

As Julie reflects on her time at Oregon State, she says leader ship roles have had a huge impact on her experience. “I’ve made so many friends I didn’t have in high school. There were cliques in high school, but now I have a diverse group of friends. I’ve learned about different cultures and work ethics.”