Photo of Magali SanchezName: Magali Sanchez
Year: Sophomore
Major: Ethnic Studies

Magali is from Woodburn, Oregon and is currently in her second year at OSU. Upon starting at OSU she has been very involved within the campus community. She joined the student organization MECHA as a freshman and was initially drawn to join because of a tabling event at the Beaver Community Fair. She has helped to plan the Noche de Gala event and has worked with the Chicanito program which provides workshops for high school students on attending university. She is still a member and goes to support various events as well as engages in volunteer opportunities.

Magali is also a member of the multicultural sorority Kappa Delta Chi, a sorority that values unity, honesty, integrity and leadership with an emphasis in community service, diversity, and academics. She currently serves as the historian and social chair of the sorority. As a member of Kappa Delta Chi, she has been able to build relationships with other student organizations and encourage students to engage in volunteering and service projects. Members of the sorority complete over 25 hours of community service a term and much of that time is spent volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis, the cultural resource centers on campus, and at higher education workshops through the 4H program. Magali helps to facilitate study hours with her sisters, as well as supports various programs on campus such as sponsoring a LGBTQ panel and recently served as member of the planning committee of the I Too, Am OSU campaign and the Solidarity March.

Magali holds two paid positions at OSU. The first of which is the Center Coordinator for the Native American Longhouse Cultural Center. She offers staff and students helpful campus resources as well as works with other coordinators to collaborate in planning cultural events. Magali also serves a Community Relations Facilitator through University Housing & Dining Services. As a facilitator, part of her job is to live in the residence halls and program events around social justice issues. She helps to raise awareness among students regarding intersecting identities as well create a safe space and opportunities for students to take action. Three to four times a term, Magali and her fellow facilitators will program workshops around important topics such as adultism, transgender awareness, cultural appropriation, and heterosexualism to name a few. These workshops are for residents of the residence halls and are discussion-based and aim to encourage students to connect their personal experiences to “-isms” as well as facilitate a greater awareness of privilege and identities. Magali says the best part of this job is the “interaction with students, helping them to be more aware, and be more involved and a part of the community.” She really enjoys the collaboration opportunities offered from the position as well as building community among students. 

When asked what her personal definition of leadership is, Magali says “someone that works with the community, for the community.” One characteristic that Magali believes every leader should have is the “ability to connect with others in order to relate to the issues that they value. This will help others to ultimately reach their goals.” Magali’s personal advice to students wanting to get involved, “try every, and then figure out what fits best. Find things you are passionate about.” 

Magali has found her involvement experience very beneficial so far and has gained a greater awareness of social justice issues, connections in the community, event planning skills, as well as countless meaningful friendships. Magali plans on returning as a Community Relations Facilitator next year and plans on completing a graduate program in Student Affairs in the future. Thank you Magali for your dedication to social justice, community, and service. Your involvement in the campus community is greatly appreciated!