Photo of Mariah Waite

Name: Mariah Waite
Major: Pre-Therapy and Allied Health 
Year: Sophomore

Mariah is from Salem, Oregon and is a sophomore with a major in Exercise and Sports Science with an option in Pre-Therapy and Allied Health and is pursuing an honors degree. She is also a double minor in Spanish and Music. Since starting at OSU, Mariah has become very involved with the campus community and is passionate about service and working with others. Mariah is currently one of the four Internal Coordinators at the Center for Civic Engagement as well as an active member in the Chi Omega Sorority. She was also a member of the OSU women’s choir, Belle Voce last year and is currently a member of the OSU Chamber Choir. She is also a regular volunteer with the IMPACT program and volunteers one-on-one with a child every term. 

As a member of Chi Omega, Mariah acts as a role model to new members as well as works on committees to facilitate community service involvement. She helps with philanthropy projects as well as providing resources on civic engagement to her sorority. Mariah acts as a liaison between her job in the Center for Civic Engagement and her role in Chi Omega. She uses her resources to help and inspire other students to get involved in service projects in the OSU and greater Corvallis community. 

As an Internal Coordinator at the Center for Civic Engagement, Mariah helps plan events and recently helped organize Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week. She enjoys putting service projects together and works to help organize Day of Service events. Mariah believes in inspiring others to find the link between doing service work and making a real connection to bettering the community and others. She sees service as a method of empowerment that can serve to inspire others to become more aware and involved in the world. 

When asked what her personal definition of leadership is, Mariah responded with “being respectful and helping other reach their full potential through empowerment and partnering with others.” One characteristic that Mariah believes that every leader should posses is “empathy --- it is really important to relate to everyone and reach common understandings in order to break down barriers.” Through choosing to get involved as a freshman at OSU, Mariah was able to make connections with others that had a significant positive impact on the type of leader Mariah aspires to be. Some advice Mariah has for students seeking to get involved is to “do something that you are passionate about and jump right in, don’t do something that you are so stressed you won’t be able to do it but try and put yourself outside of the comfort zone; challenge by choice.” 
Thank you Mariah for your dedication to service, and helping to inspire others to seek empowerment through involvement!