Photo of Younghee KimName: Younghee Kim
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Year: Senior

Younghee is from Happy Valley, Oregon and is currently a senior at OSU with plans to graduate this spring. Younghee has been very involved on the OSU campus since visiting the Center for Civic Engagement during her sophomore year. She was seeking off-campus involvement opportunities where she could work with individuals from many different backgrounds. She eventually found a child care center in Corvallis where her help was needed. Three years later she is still volunteering every week at this center and has put a huge amount of time and energy into helping with community programs such as this one.

Going to the Center for Civic Engagement gave her an opportunity to meet other students interested in service and find opportunities she otherwise would have not known about. She also went on the Alternative Spring Break trip during her sophomore year and has gained volunteer experience that has helped to make a long term impact in the community. Through her first involvement opportunities, she realized how much she enjoys serving and working with others which set the stage for the next three years.

Younghee had an extremely active junior year and was part of several organizations including the Blood Drive Association, volunteering at a nursery, serving as a cultural ambassador in the International Living and Learning Center at OSU, as well as joining Divine, OSU’s female acappella group. She also participated in a Varsity Worship with the male Christian co-op on campus as well as worked with the College of Chemistry Advisor to help facilitate science and engineering nights for children at surrounding elementary schools. During her senior year, she also joined Peer Health Advocates after participating in an outreach event in the quad where she saw the health promotion student organization as another opportunity to meet new people and volunteer. She also volunteered as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the Anatomy and Physiology lab and assisted the professor to develop a learning assistant program where she and other students would help to facilitate the class to work together on worksheets during lectures.

In addition to her vast involvement at OSU and in the greater community, Younghee also holds a position as a Campus Tour Ambassador at OSU. At this job, she gives campus tours, acts as a representative for OSU, and helps to convince potential students to attend the university. She does this through sharing personal stories of her involvement, and inspiring new students to be involved in the campus community. Younghee says that “ I absolutely love my job, and all the opportunities to reach out to potential students. It is a very rewarding position that can help to create opportunities for so many others.”

When asked what her personal definition of leadership is, Younghee says “being somebody who can inspire and provide motivation to others to seek greater opportunities to be involved.” She believes that one characteristic that every leader should posses is “being approachable. This will not only give others opportunities but give me chances to grow and develop my skills as well.” 

Younghee says that “ I cannot imagine doing anything other than what I am doing right now. If I can enrich someone's life even a little bit, then I am good for the day.” She encourages students to “be open to involvement. This is a time where you can explore and take advantage of doing things you want to do. Service and involvement will change how you think and even if the experience isn’t as great as you thought it would be, you have the opportunities to get back up and do something greater. Jump on as many opportunities as you can during your time at OSU.” Thank you Younghee for your passionate dedication to service and involvement on the OSU campus and in the greater Corvallis community. You are a positive inspiration to all and will be missed after you graduate!