OSU Craft Center membership provides you access to studio space and a wealth of equipment and tools. Membership is nonrefundable after the start of the term. Below are our basic membership costs. 

The Craft Center is an Adult facility and membership organization. Membership applicants must be 18+ years of age, or be enrolled as Oregon State University students.

Those wishing to be members & participate in a Craft Center class or workshop must meet the above age requirements; younger applicants 16+ years of age, will be considered if they meet our underage criteria, have guardian permission and permission by the instructor (craft center staff will contact the instructor for permission. Note, due to equipment or materials hazard, some classes will be closed to minors.)

The craft center is a membership based program. Some 1-2 day workshops* are offered for non-members; however there will be a daypass use fee included in the non- member class fee. Non- members are restricted to facility use during scheduled workshop times only.

  • OSU Students: $40 Per Term Membership
  • OSU Faculty/Staff: $70 Per Term Membership
  • OSU Affiliate: $75 Per Term Membership
  • General Public: $80 Per Term Membership
  • Locker Rental: $15-20 per term (depending upon size)
  • Woodshop lab fee: $20 per term
  • Jewelry lab fee: $15 (for members not taking a class)
  • Open Glass Torch: $8 per session (current oriented members only)

Our instructors come to us with years of experience and practical knowledge. As such, instructors have the authority to assess the ability of member equipment operation, and if they deem them to be a safety hazard to themselves or others, administration has the right to restrict or revoke facilities use or membership.

The Craft Center program and studios are designed for use by amateur hobbyists; production work for the purpose of commercial enterprises are not compatible with our mission. Members working in this capacity may be asked to seek other venues.