Summer 2018 Woodworking Schedule

Lab Fee: $20 /term for all- for blade sharpening, maintenance & wood debris disposal.


Open Lab

During Open Lab, A Craft Center Wood Tech will monitor to help assure safety and provide assistance to members for short tasks, such as cutting a few boards on the miter saw, or ripping a board on the table saw. Please note: this is not a class, but rather an opportunity for members with some basic skills (ie: has used a jig saw, etc.) to have some basic cuts performed, or to be supervised making the cuts themselves. Those with no wood experience are encouraged to take a beginning woodworking class with us. Orientations can be taken during Open Lab at any point in the term.

Orientations can be taken during Open Lab at any point in the term.

Summer Term Open Lab Hours



General Access Wood Shop Use:

Includes all hand tools and hand-held power tools (except router). All members wishing to use the woodshop at this level should have a basic familiarity with hand tools and their safe use. Students enrolled in a beginning wordworking class will receive the orientation as part of their class instruction and do NOT need to attend an orientation.
1. Current Term Orientation (held during the first 30 minutes of each SAW, Pre-Registration required).
2. Plus Step #’s 4 and 6 below.


Large Equipment Access

Students with extensive woodworking experience wishing to use the shop outside of class time may be granted a Large Equipment Access level after  satisfactorily completing the following steps. 
1. Watch Safety Video (online or at Craft Center)
2. Read Safety Manual (online or at Craft Center)
3. Take and Pass the Wood Studio Quiz (online or at Craft Center)
4. Sign Agreement for Use Form
5. Complete Safety Assessment Workshop (SAW) and achieve a level 2 or higher clearance. SAW certifications are valid for one academic year (Fall - Summer).
6. Pay $20 Lab Fee Per Term.

These requirements will be good for one academic year, Fall-Summer, provided there is continuity in membership.

Note:  Due to increasing costs in the studio a reimbursement fee of $150 will be charged to members who ‘trip’ the Sawstop table saws as a result of misuse and/or carelessness. If you are not well versed in proper safety procedures and operation of the equipment, seek assistance from wood studio staff or do not operate it.


 Wood Studio Orientation

*Pre-Registration is Required!
WCR-0A   Sunday 12-12:30                July 1
WCR-0B   Tuesday 5:30-6                  July 3 
WCR-0C   Monday 3-3:30                  July 9
Additional opportunities for orientation available during open lab hours

Orientations for GENERAL ACCESS are held during the first 30 minutes of SAW times, listed below.  This half-hour orientation is REQUIRED for all new and returning members who are NOT REGISTERED in a wood working class. Learn how the wood studio works.


Safety Assessment Workshop Sessions

*Pre-Registration is Required!
WCR-1   Sunday 12-2                        July 1
WCR-2   Tuesday 5:30-7:30             July 3 
WCR-3   Monday 3-5                        July 9
Additional sessions may be added as needed. Offered Beginning-of-term Only

This 2-hour workshop is REQUIRED for all new and returning members seeking Large Equipment Access outside of class time. The first 30 minutes of SAWs will be a general studio Orientation, which is required for all members seeking to use the studio, including those wishing General Studio Access. Members only wishing General Studio Access may leave the session after the Orientation portion is complete. 


Beginning Woodworking

Mondays  6-8:30                              July  9 – August 20

WCR-21    Glenn Sweet                 Class Fee:  $50 (Plus $20 Lab Fee)

Gain practical skills, confidence and learn safe and effective use of power and hand tools from a master furniture builder.  Absolute beginners will start with building a level-suitable project, such as a beautiful handcrafted box, a picture frame or a cutting board. These projects will develop the skillset necessary for students to then progress onto other projects. Classes are small so the instructor can provide individual help. Free 1st project wood option for currently enrolled OSU students! All other, will furnish materials; available from the craft center or elsewhere…your instructor will guide you in this process. Most tools are provided. No prior experience required. A required wood shop SAW will be incorporated into the first few classes. Attendance at first class mandatory.


Make a Longboard! - NEW

Wednesdays  6-8:30                                 August 1 – August 15

WCR-26    Wayde Crawford       

Class Fee:  $35 (Plus $20 Lab Fee  and $30 materials fee * this does not include trucks and wheels, which cost approx. $30)

We are very excited about this new offering! Wayde Crawford, an experienced woodworker, will guide you through safe use of our extensive woodworking equipment as you make your own custom longboard. In this four week class, students will have the option to build any longboard style. The class will cover: jigs, bending, gluing, cutting, styling and painting the board. The lab fee includes baltic birch plywood, grip tape and a trucks and wheels kit in your choice of black, white, red, green, blue, purple and orange


Intermediate Woodworking/Furniture Building

Tuesdays  6-8:30                                  July 10 – August 21

WCR-22  Glenn Sweet                        Class Fee: $55 (Plus $20 Lab Fee)

In this 7-week class students will translate basic woodworking skills into the design and creation of a small piece of furniture with guidance from a master furniture builder. Students will learn about the design process and how to turn ideas into finished pieces, creating your own design or choosing from provided options, such as a small table, chest, or bench. Free small project wood option for currently enrolled OSU students!  Both hand tools and power tools will be used to explore wood as a medium. Creativity and original thinking will be emphasized throughout the class. This is an intermediate class. A basic familiarity with hand tools and power tools is required. A wood shop safety checkout is provided in the first class. Students furnish materials and most tools are provided.

Attendance at first class mandatory.


Burning Desires Date Night: Wood Burning

Friday        6-8:00                                        August 10

WCR-25    Peter Young                                     

Class Fee: $30 per person or $50/couple (No Day Pass or Membership required)                    

Pyrography, the art or technique of decorating wood or leather by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point. Attend an introductory two hour session of pyrography and learn how to decorate two wooden spoons with unique wood burned designs. You will also be shown how to varnish and care for your product.