DAMJAM is an annual music festival put on for students, by students. It's a time when the OSU community can come together to celebrate the end of the year and share in an inclusive experience that's fun for everyone.



Jamboree details coming soon.

Field Access

There are currently four ways to gain field access for the concert this year:


Engagement during winter term

This year, students will have the opportunity to gain field access at Dam Jam by attending a percentage of pre-designated events on campus. More information to come!



Just like last year, students will be able to gain access by interacting with a portion of vendors and booths at the Jamboree before the concert. More information to come!



This year we will be offering a limited time pre-sale package for $30 that includes your Dam Jam ticket and field access. Students must come to the Jamboree on the day of the event to pick up their purchased wristbands. This offer is limited to 1000 students. 



As always, we appreciate help from volunteers, so any individuals who help out with set up or during the Jamboree with be given field access.


Please note that field access is non-transferrable.


Coming soon!