Creating Your Environment

One of the great joy’s of life after college is having the opportunity to create your environment through your eyes, and your means.

While there are a multitude of thoughts, ideas and responsibilities that go along with the transition out of college, not to mention the queasiness that comes with the unknowns, there are very enjoyable parts of the transition we often miss – creating your own space.

Imagine you have moved to a new community to begin your new job. About two thirds of your day is “your day” to design and enjoying your new environment. We often look at this part of our day as “getting things done, like chores.” Give some thought to the fact that this is a part of life in which you have a huge amount of influence and can design in a way that works for you.


You get to find a place to live that works for you, in a neighborhood that makes you feel good and represents your comfort.

You get to learn about the community, select your grocery store, your coffee shop, your pub, running route, clothing store, athletic club, nearby park.

You get to determine how you choose to serve the community, nurture your spiritual desires, select a doctor or possibly find a dog.

Imagine your home, be it a house, an apartment, or some sort of communal living. This is your base, your home for at least the moment, and deserves to be a reflection of you and how you enjoy experiencing life. Surround yourself with a space and objects that nurture your way of living and energize you.

Of great value – don’t lose track of your friends you left behind and be willing to open yourself to new friendships. You have a huge amount of influence with the environment you create. Be sure to take time to notice it.


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