You are the CEO of your life.

You make the choices.

You know what works for you.

You know what doesn’t work for you.

You celebrate the wins.

You learn from the losses.

You get the praise.

You take the hits.

You become stronger.

You build a life.

Choose to make it an amazing life!


I can and I will. Watch me.

Some interesting questions to ask yourself as you ponder the possibilities and understand the qualities that you know about yourself and that others see in you.

1.     When I am at my best, how would I describe myself?

2.     When I receive compliments, what specifically do people praise? Is there a theme to the praise?

3.     In what types of situations do I easily slip into “the zone” – meaning, with confidence and fluidity?

4.     Ask a friend or colleague: In what ways have I been a help to you?

5.     Ask three people you know well: Name five things about me that you can count on me to do.

Now, use this information to inform your life, career and job search or graduate school experience.

Believe in yourself.


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