Personal Finance: common sense knowledge for achieving financial responsibility

Let your finances help you rather than keep you awake at night.

Managing your personal finance with a level of intention will free you to view and experience the rest of your life with a higher level of enjoyment. This section will help you better understand budgeting, debt, savings, investing and giving back.

Business Plan for Life

A chart showing the relationship between spending, saving and long-term goals.






Student Loan Repayment

The world of student loans and repayment has gotten more complicated over the years. It’s up to you to choose the plan that works best for you, and hopefully with good guidance from someone who can inform you fully about your options. 





Building You, Inc.: Essential Financial Concepts

Money has a lot of connotations and emotions attached to it.  We all know we need money to survive. The process of obtaining and managing money can be a stressful or burdensome activity but it doesn’t have to be. It can be both enjoyable and rewarding. This section discusses budget planning, debt management, maintaining your credit score, and saving for the future.