Approved Expenses:

  • OSU Facilities

  • Equipment Rental

  • Performance & Speaker Fees (including travel)

  • Marketing

  • Supplies

  • Public Performance Fees

  • Food: not to exceed…

    • Light refreshments $5.00 per person

    • Continental Breakfast $8.00 per person

    • Breakfast $10.00

    • Lunch $12.00

    • Dinner $15.00


Limited Expenses:

  • Food service:

    • Must be supported by a ticket fee for non-student participants​ at a minimum ticket cost of $5.00.  This excludes VIP guests.

    • Full cost of catered meals should be fully recovered in ticket cost for non-OSU students​, excluding children. For example, if a catered meal cost is $15.00,  Non-OSU tickets are a minimum of $15.00. Ticket fees for children (under 6 years old) is a minimum of $5.00.

  • Advertising & Marketing:

    • Community Advertising: Events are funded with student fees; the primary target audience are OSU students. ​Non-OSU participants are not excluded at open events, but should remain the minority of participants.

    • Regional and National Advertising: This is limited to events that facilitate a high number of participants. For example, LaSells Stewart Center.

    • Daily Barometer Marketing: A minimum of one Barometer advertisement marketing ticket availability and sales required. 1⁄2 page or larger ad sizes are not approved by ISOSU funds.

  • Purchase of any one ​item should not exceed $20.00, including minor equipment, operating supplies, costumes, etc.


Excluding Expense:

  • No ISOSU funds can be used for the purpose of purchasing cards, gifts, scholarships, or awards​.

  • No ISOSU funds can be used for payroll or payment ​to activities sponsoring student organization members for performances, presentations, etc.

  • No ISOSU funds can be used for personal property: permanent name tags, t-shirts, uniforms, costumes that would become the property of an individual or an organization.

  • No ISOSU funds can be expended to raise money for philanthropic purposes, including fundraising activities and/or charitable events.

  • No ISOSU funds can be used for political campaign activities.

  • No ISOSU funds can be used for religious service activities.

  • No ISOSU funds can be used for activities with alcohol.

All items ​that can be reused are ISOSU property and must be entered into the ISOSU/IRC inventory for general purpose use.