Funding Requirements:

  • Organizations must be affiliated with ISOSU (Refer to a ISOSU Affiliation)

  • All request must be made a minimum of 8 academic weeks in advance of event date. This is to allow opportunity for sponsorship, training and proper planning.

  • Cannot be 10 days past due on any financial obligation to ISOSU.

  • Use of funds are in compliance with all the ISOSU criterias and processes; University policies; and state and federal laws.

  • Use of Affiliate Organization funding must be in line with the current standard of care for the ISOSU program, unless specific agreements to maintain access for historically supported activity are in place with the ISOSU and the SEAC during the review of the annual budget allocation in Fall term.

  • If budgeted funds are not fully utilized for the specified activity, unspent funds revert back to ISOSUs Affiliate Funding during that fiscal year.

  • Any income and unspent funds revert back to ISOSU at the close of the fiscal year (June 30th).

Funding Request:

  1. Submit online application with Estimated Budget Form at a minimum of 8 academic weeks in advance of event date. Late requests will not be accepted​.

  2. Consultation with SEAC Advisor and ISOSU Internal Community Coordinator to review application. SEAC Advisor will identify the program planning process and outline the expectations in the SEAC Event Sponsorship Agreement. ISOSU Internal Community Coordinator will review the Estimated Budget Form (budget may be subject to change). Consultation email will follow within 5 days of submission, via email.

  3. Application will be reviewed and approved by the Approval Committee every Monday.

Once approved…

  • Organization must complete all identified expectations as it relates to SEAC Event Sponsorship Agreement  

    • Complete all identified orientation and training as it relates to type of activity being sponsored.

  • ISOSU Internal Community Coordinator will set up weekly meetings with organization's primary finance planner.

    • Work with ISOSU Internal Community Coordinator to manage on-going budget document, tracking all expenses and balancing funding allocation.

  • Work with ISOSU Internal Community Coordinator to access funds (purchase request, etc.)

  • Return all receipts to ISOSU Coordinator within 7 days of purchase

  • Work with the ISOSU Coordinator to settle all expenses within 10 days after the event date.

  • Meet all deadlines established by SEAC Event Sponsorship Agreement and ISOSU Internal Community Coordinator.

    • For example, if timelines for contract submission are not followed, the activity may be rescheduled or cancelled.