As a member of Orange Media Network, you will be responsible for student-produced content and ensuring student staff members are held to the highest ethical, fiscal and professional standards and practices. You will recruit, lead and supervise student employees and volunteers while advancing Orange Media Network’s reputation for excellence in all media forms and as a welcoming, engaging and inclusive organization. You are responsible to set the tone of the department as a collaborative, supportive environment, and should celebrate and take pride in the success of others with the same enthusiasm as you take pride in your own accomplishment. As a leader, you should build others up through mentoring, coaching and supporting, while also managing and directing work.



●      Act in a professional manner

●      Be a leader to staff, producers, and volunteers

●      Be a collaborator with fellow Orange Media Network leaders in the shared use of facilities, equipment and content to benefit all Orange Media Network publications

●      Work to ensure that KBVR-TV’s work is consistent with Orange Media Network’s mission, vision and policies

●      Take Journalism Foundations training with Journalism Coordinator

●      Commitment to truth, accuracy, and ethics

●      Meet university eligibility requirements


●      Previous experience with video equipment

●      Solid organizational skills

●      Able to remain professional and calm when working with a team

●      Is capable of leading others and coaching them to be their best

●      Meet university eligibility requirements

Preferred Qualifications:

●      Previous TV producing experience

●      Prior experience on OMN staff



●      Provide leadership, coaching, and mentorship to staff and encourage learning, student participation, accountability and media excellence.

●      Create and oversee content for a live television series that airs every other week on KBVR-TV. Shows will align with Orange Media Network’s goals to build a welcoming, engaging, and inclusive environment.

●      Meet all deadlines.

●      Shows must first air live on channel 26 and live online streaming

●      Work with Station Manager to determine timeslot of show.

●      Ensure all shows are properly staffed with dedicated crew members (director, TD, cameras, audio, etc.). Ensure crew is trained on KBVR-TV equipment prior to use

●      Hold crew accountable for professionalism while working on OMN productions, and hold them to the highest ethical standards.

●      Lead by example for your crew and model leadership behavior that sets a positive model for your team.

●      Ensure crew receives necessary training and follows rules and procedures set by OMN and OSU.

●      Cut a short video tease for each episode, with airtimes and how to watch, to air on channel 26 and be shared on social media. Must be complete and shared with Web & Mobile Manager 24 hours prior to live broadcast.

●      Use Inception software to build a detailed rundown for each episode, and share rundown with the crew and station manager.

●      Ensure the show fills exactly 30 or 60 minutes, (length determined by station manager) using content and PSAs.

●      When live show is completed, optimize show for YouTube and upload to KBVR-TV YouTube page within 24 hours and properly label it with appropriate title, description, tags, and cover image.

●      Responsible for ensuring all videos have complete and accurate closed captioning. Ensure that all live broadcasts have closed captioning, and all videos uploaded to YouTube or social media are transcribed and saved as closed captioning

●      Same night as broadcast, immediately upload completed show into the channel 26 converter for rebroadcast, and notify station manager for programming.

●      Embed YouTube video to Orange Media Network website.

●      Create and tend to a regular social media promotion schedule under the direction of the FM station manager and Web & Mobile teal Social Media Manager.

●      Meet weekly with Web & Mobile team Social Media Manager to review social media posts, strategize, and plan, to increase social media engagement.

●      Attend weekly staff meeting.

●      Lead at least one all-staff training per term.

●      Assist with other TV shows as requested by Station Manager.

●      Communicate promptly and fully with station manager, TV staff, and OMN professional staff, and return messages within 24 hours.

●      Immediately respond to questions and comments from viewers with the utmost professionalism.

●      Collaborate with outside organizations around campus and represent KBVR-TV and the Orange Media Network proudly and professionally while looking for opportunities to build audience and participation in the network.

●      Participate in the NMC 409 open house the first Wednesday of every term


Additional responsibilities include:

●      Participate in OMN Boot Camp beginning Sept. 6. You will be planning, training, and working each day until school begins.

●      Work to create a legacy of assessment and constant improvement in the pursuit of quality and excellence

●      Participate in weekly training with adviser and TV staff to train, review the week’s strengths and areas for improvement, and most importantly, brainstorm

●      Notify Adviser and the Director of Orange Media Network immediately should any ethical, legal, personnel or controversial problems occur

●      Alert professional staff on issues with equipment.

●      Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own

●      Check and respond to emails and phone calls immediately, professionally representing Orange Media Network

●      Other duties as assigned by the adviser, director

●      Think only the best, work only for the best and expect only the best


Pay Rate for individual bi-weekly shows: $100 per show


Hours: Up to 10