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The OSU Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) provides an opportunity for any OSU student to investigate their personal definition of leadership, explore their contribution to positive social change, engage in critical thinking about what it means to cultivate community, and gain skills, abilities, and knowledge to become a more effective and socially conscious leader. Based on the Social Change Leadership Model, the program goals align with three core areas: individual, group, and community development. Additionally, the LCP emphasizes that anyone can be a leader, regardless of background, experience, or confidence. Program participants will identify a leadership mentor who will guide them through the program, challenge them in their personal development, and support them in fulfilling the program requirements. Participants will leave the OSU LCP with a personal definition of leadership, with a leadership portfolio showcasing their experiences and accompanying reflections gathered throughout program participation, and with a better understanding of how their leadership style can contribute to a more socially just world. The LCP is a self-paced program, though it is designed to take a least two academic terms to complete.



Melissa Yamamoto,
Sarah Fuller,