Affiliate Application Form 2015-2016

ISOSU aspires to be a “home away from home” for international students and  seeks to support the following:

  • To make the experience at OSU for international and cultural students as positive as possible.

  • To promote skill and knowledge development  among international and cultural students so that they may effectively fulfill the vital role that they play in the community.

  • To serve as a liaison between Oregon State University and international students as critical news and information regarding international concerns are communicated to the community.

  • To provide resources to OSU students for academic, housing, social, financial, and career needs.

  • To provide a social environment for OSU students to meet, interact, and learn from one another.

  • To create and support a diverse community of understanding and celebration of the world’s rich cultures.



In order for your organization to affiliate with ISOSU the following criteria must be met:

Recognition: All affiliates must be an Oregon State University Recognized Student Organization (RSO): Sponsored Student Organization (SSO), or Voluntary Student Organization (VSO).

International: Identify as an international student organization or association. An international organization is a group of students coming together to represent a specific geographical area (continent, region, country, and/or state) or nomadic in nature. Nomadic communities consist of specific cultural groups that do not have a fixed residence.

Inclusion: Membership and participation shall be considered with regard to the Oregon State University policy on discrimination: "Oregon State University prohibits recognized student organizations from discriminating on the basis of, color, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran's status or age in any of its policies, procedures, or practices".



ISOSU Affiliate Organizations: Must actively participate in ISOSU Leadership Council meetings, major programs, community throughout the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring term).

New Organizations: Must gain membership approval. New affiliate membership requires a majority vote from the ISOSU Leadership Council. New organizations can affiliate at anytime but must be affiliated for one full term before being eligible to apply for activity funding from ISOSU. If an organization affiliates mid-fall, they would be eligible to apply for funding in the Spring.

Returning Organizations: Must be affiliated with ISOSU for a period no less than 1 term and remain in good standing. Good standing refers to the following:

  • Maintain Recognized Student Organization status by OSU

  • Representation and participation in 90% of weekly affiliate council meetings

  • Representation and participation in all required orientations and training (100%)

  • Participation in all ISOSU major events (100%)

  • Provide at minimum of one culturally focused program annually for the OSU community through partnership with ISOSU

  • Required to provide activity reports to ISOSU

  • Required to participate in a transition activity during Spring Term



Funding Request: Approved ISOSU affiliates can submit funding requests for programming that is focused on cultural and international topics. Events must be open for general student participation and target a minimum of 100 people. All request must be made at minimum (8) weeks in advance of the date of the event to allow opportunity for sponsorship, training and proper planning.

Sponsorship: ISOSU funded programs require an activity sponsorship from Student Events and Activities (SEA) for both VSO and SSO. If SSO, the organization’s sponsoring department will be asked to co-sponsor with the SEAC. This is  to ensure the program remains to be an ISOSU program in full compliance with university regulations.

Regulations: ISOSU funded programs must follow all ISOSU and SEA timelines and procedures for program planning and meet all university, state, and federal regulations as they relate to purchasing, etc.


If you have any questions regarding being affiliated, feel free to contact us at or visit us in the International Resource Center (SEC112)  in the Student Experience Center.