Elements that Surface

Here are examples of elements that often become thinking topics as you move from college life to life after college. Develop your own thinking around each.

The Moment – creating the ability to focus in on what is happening at the moment and how cool it is. Trying to not hang on to the college experience and not getting too worked up about the future – career, relationships etc.

Happiness – typically considered “happiness,” but how satisfied am I with life?

World View – once in the post college world, the nature of ones work and/or their available time brings the opportunity to find a greater lever of interest in the world.

Family – creating a family may be part of the future, but possibly not that big at the moment.

Personal Growth – changes in social habits, self-examination, optimism, personal health

Health – approach to eating, sleeping, exercise and spirituality. Creating a Rhythm of life. Shut down and reboot

Social – adjusting to a significant change in demographics and beliefs

Career – acknowledging the desire to develop ones career yet not let the career become your entire world

People – in college you have more fun people to hang out with

Assess what I have been taught – a time to assess a lifetime of learning and create personal beliefs on these topics

Schedules – a career has a less flexible schedule than college

Happiness – it’s a different kind of happiness that relates more to life satisfaction.

Social Media – moving from a more casual conversation to a professional approach

Personal Finance – taxes, budgeting, personal management


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