When you start working with a new manager, asking how she likes to operate can help you build a productive relationship. Your boss may not think to articulate her management style, so asking thoughtful questions will demonstrate your attentiveness and interest in efficiency.

  • “Do you prefer that information be delivered formally or informally?”
    • If she prefers the former, prepare documents in advance of meetings and send frequent updates on assigned projects. If the latter, don’t clog her inbox; update her at crucial junctures or when you need guidance.
  • “How do you like to process information?”
    • She may like to hear it and respond in person, or to see it in writing before a conversation.
  • “How would you describe your management style?”
    • If she likes to have a hand in day-to-day operations and decision-making, touch base often. If she’d rather delegate, keep her posted on major developments, but handle most details on your own.


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