ISOSU is a community of global leaders focused on the development of a global consciousness to transform Oregon State University into an accepting and inclusive environment for all. ISOSU promotes the empowerment of international and multicultural students to voice their opinions and views, bringing awareness to the broader community through involvement. ISOSU is a home away from home for international students, enhancing the development of lifelong friendships, professional networks, and unique collaborations.”

ISOSU, a university student led program, is embedded in Student Leadership and Involvement and supported by the Student Events and Activities Center with an office located in the International Resource Center in the Student Experience Center. Focused on supporting, networking and celebrating the student organizations that represent our global community, ISOSU annually supports fifteen to twenty affiliate organizations in hosting cultural programs and community activities for the OSU community.

The ISOSU Executive team members are paraprofessional students who, individually and as a team, support the ISOSU organization in attaining its short term and long term goals. The ISOSU IRC office staff has a key role in creating opportunity for the OSU community to learn, socialize, build and be in community while helping in the development and maintenance of the International Resource Center.

ISOSU IRC Staff Responsibilities:

  • Staffing the IRC with general office staff responsibilities (replying to emails, answering the phones, greeting costumers, maintaining the cleanliness of the space and organizing materials)
  • Updating and maintaining the Facebook site
  • Engage volunteers as requested:
    • Maintain a volunteer list for ISOSU
    • Assist with organizing volunteers for upcoming events
    • Develop a relationship with the volunteer team through use of social media
  • Work closely with the IRC Coordinator and other executive members to assist and move forward with the programs for ISOSU
  • Help plan and facilitate weekly, ongoing programs while working closely with the ISOSU Marketer and IRC Coordinator to develop marketing materials for programs, keep track of guest list, and interact with guest
  • Participate in the programs in the IRC when available
  • Expected to work on average of 8 hours each week in the IRC

Qualifications – The ideal candidate for this position will:

  • Be able to provide a welcoming atmosphere to the guest of the International Resource Center
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to multitask and maintain a high level of quality in the work being performed at the desk
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact both orally and in writing to those who use English as a second language
  • Be currently enrolled OSU student, in good standing, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Have previous experience in planning and executing different types of programs
  • Have good computer skills, specifically in Microsoft Office and desktop publishing
  • Have demonstrated knowledge of and sensitivity to traditionally underrepresented and international students
  • Ability to establish and maintain relationship with multi-cultural individuals through use of social media


The application deadline is Friday, February 19, 2016 at 5pm.

Compensation is $9.25 per hour.

Position ends at the end of Spring Term.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to: Sam Squyars, at