Search our current civic engagement opportunities below. Opportunities are searchable by key word, community partner, type of activity, and date range. Please note that OSU encourages students to learn about the partner organization and reflect upon their hopes, goals, and identities before working with a community organization. Review our tips for community entry.

Advocacy and Activism

Advocacy and activism is mobilizing individual or collective action to persuade others or influence systems. It can be participating in processes of democratic self-governance to influence policy through formal political channels. It can be advocating for a cause, participating in a peaceful protest, or simply staying politically involved by voting.

Direct Service

Direct service is about taking action to address the immediate needs or priorities of social and ecological communities through giving personal time and energy. Direct service encompasses anything from visiting with the elderly in a nursing home to trail maintenance in local parks to packing food.

Philanthropy and Giving

Philanthropy and giving is identifying and increasing the economic assets of a community through the voluntary redistribution of resources by individuals and institutions. It involves donating money, food, household items, and/or time to raise money or in-kind donations to meet community needs and promote the welfare of others. Philanthropy etymologically means "love of humanity."


Event/meeting is a one-time event or meeting that is focused in sharing information and/or having public dialogue about an issue of local concern.


If you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis and would like a 1:1 consultation with a CCE staff member to learn about our office, tracking forms, resources, and/or local service and volunteering opportunities, please fill out the Consultation Request Form.


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