Alternative Break 2015

Yakima, WA

  • During a week-long service learning, trip to Yakima, Washington, sponsored by the OSU Center for Civic Engagement, 10 OSU students worked with 14 community partners to serve and learn about Yakama Nation culture, immigrant rights and issues faced by the Yakima Valley. Trip participants worked with the Toppenish Longhouse, Apas Goudy, Nuestra Casa, and Campbell Farm. Students visited the Yakama Nation Cultural Center, Just Living Farm, downtown Yakima, Heritage University, Radio Cadena , the Filipino Community Center and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to learn about issues the area is facing. 

  • “I learned more about the traditions of the Native Americans. I was really impressed by all the organizations that are her to help the people.”
  • “…in this trip we talked about how we want to be involved with the culture, and the social issues in the area, but we would have to be able to tell the story of the culture and issues within our perspective and not telling it from other’s perspectives.”
  • “The most valuable part (of the trip) is the discussions we have had in making me look at different perspectives.”
  • Total volunteer hours and educational hours
    • Volunteer: 140 service hours
    • Education: 200 educational hours


San Francisco, CA

  • In San Francisco, 9 OSU students worked with 9 community partners on local issues of hunger and homelessness during a week-long service trip sponsored by the OSU Center for Civic Engagement. Trip participants worked with community partners like St. Anthony’s Foundation, Project Homeless Connect, and the LGBT Community Center to tackle hunger and homelessness at various levels and learn about how these issues disproportionately affect different identities within the SF community. In total, the group contributed 202.5 hours of service. Students also had the chance to learn about and explore the many different districts of San Francisco and learn about how the tech boom and how the landscape of the city has changed over the past century.

  • “There was so much that we faced together. We learned so many great things during our service projects…I just want to say thank you all for teaching me things that I wouldn’t be able to learn on my own.”
  • "I learned/gained tremendous information on the homeless community in general and in SF; I learned that even though I consider myself aware, I had a lot to learn and improve on."
  • Total volunteer hours and educational hours
    • Volunteer: 202.5 service hours
    • Education: 78 educational hours


Ashland, OR

In Ashland, ten OSU students worked with three community partners on local environmental restoration and conservation projects during a week-long service trip sponsored by the OSU Center for Civic Engagement. Trip participants worked with Coyote Trails Nature Center, Bear Creek Watershed Council, and Ashland Parks and Recreation to mulch a community garden, widen a public hiking trail, install bird houses, restore riparian areas, and remove invasive species. In total, the group contributed 210 hours of service. Students also learned about food forests, water systems, outdoor living skills, and invasive species threatening the Ashland and Medford area.

  • “This has been the most incredible week. Work never felt like “work” because we were always learning and sharing knowledge and experiences and laughter… a LOT of laughter.”- Julia Bingham
  • “We are all from different places or countries which is awesome! Iran, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Utah. This made an amazing cultural experience as well as an environmental learning!”- Ashlee Tierney
  • “Thank you for putting all of this together. This experience has been life-changing for me.” – Francisco Bolanos

Total volunteer hours and educational hours

  • Volunteer: 195 service hours
  • Education: 140 hours