Alternative Break 2014

Yakima, WA

  • Participants spent the week on the Yakama Nation reservation learning about the different cultures and communities in the area. Through these interactions with community members the participants were able to recognize the flourishing cultures as well as issues areas that each community is facing. This trip is heavily education service focused. 
  • "What I enjoyed the most was learning about new cultures and learning the stories of the people in the area. I gained so much more insight and I definitely view the world with different eyes."
  • Total volunteer hours and educational hours
    • Volunteer: 160
    • Education: 265

San Francisco, CA

  • The 10 participants- 8 students and 2 trip leaders- volunteered with 7 different community organizations which serve individuals experiencing symptoms of poverty. Together the group provided a combined total of 207.5 volunteer hours, serving and learning alongside the organizations’ staff members and volunteers. Gaining insight into how these organizations address the issues of hunger and homelessness in their local community, among numerous projects the students worked to repackage approximately 23,000 lbs of bulk food at San Francisco Marin Food Bank and served a combined total of approximately 450 meals with Glide Memorial, MSC South Shelter, and the Peter Claver Community. Overall, the group learned how pervasive the symptoms of poverty are in our society and explored creative and innovative ways people, like themselves, can make change every day. 
  • “It was an incredible experience for me. You get to learn about a completely different community, learn about many different organizations, and empower yourself to continue helping. Also, you get to build relationships with really awesome people!”
    • Total volunteer hours and educational hours
      • Volunteer: 207.5
      • Education: 62.5


Ashland, OR

  • In Ashland, OR, 10 OSU students worked with 3 community partners on local environmental projects during a week-long service trip sponsored by the OSU Center for Civic Engagement. Trip participants worked to remove invasive species, build trails, and restore the Ashland Watershed area. Students also learned about native plant species, water systems, outdoor living skills, and invasive species threatening the Ashland and Medford area. 
  • “What I have witnessed and participated in this week has revitalized and inspired me. Seeing and being a part of a group of unrelated people coming together to accomplish something for the common good has been an amazingly beautiful and eye-opening experience. Together as a community and in unity with the Earth, we can accomplish anything.”
    • Total volunteer hours and educational hours
      • Volunteer: 215.5
      • Education: 132.5



One Trip:  Warm Springs, OR

  • In Warm Springs, Oregon from June 16 to June 20, 2014, seven OSU students and four faculty/staff members worked with the OSU Warm Springs Extension Office and eight community partners on various environmental, cultural, and health and well-being projects during a week-long community-based learning trip sponsored by Oregon State University’s Center for Civic Engagement and Intercultural Student Services. The Warm Springs Extension Office is the only Extension Office in the state located on a Native American Reservation. This pilot trip included both graduate student and undergraduate student tracks. The undergraduate students participated in community-based service-learning to gain increased cultural understanding and intercultural connections and well as meeting some community-identified needs. Public Policy graduate students explored policy issues impacting the Warm Springs community. In total, the group contributed 78 service hours and participated in 176 educational hours.
  • “I am amazed, intrigued, and humbled. I will forever hope to continue to grow and open my mind in the way I did on this trip.”