Adventure-Service Weekend at the Oregon Coast

The CCE will be taking a group from the OSU community to South Beach State Park on the beautiful Oregon Coast! There participants will work with the State Park on a project from 10:30am-2:00pm to remove invase scotch broom on Saturday. Afterwards, participants will engage in reflection sessions and fun activities with the group, camp on site overnight, go on a hike the next day, and then return to campus on Sunday mid-day. Transportation, tents, lanterns, cooking equipments, tools for the project, and food will be provided. The CCE asks that volunteers bring their own sleeping bags if possible (they can also be rented from the Adventure Leadership Institute on Campus) and resusable water bottles. If accommodations for disability are needed in order to participate in the trip, please contact at or 541-737-3041.

Co-Sponsored by the Adventure Leadership Institute/Recreational Sports



When: Saturday, May 14th - Sunday, May 15th

Where: Students will meet at the SEC Plaza on Saturday morning at 8:15am

How: Registration is required and can be done so by following this link:

Fee: Participants are asked to pay $10 each. This will cover tent and lantern rentals, the campsite reservation, transportation, and food.

We look forward to working with you on this fun, weekender trip!


Weekenders Program


Weekenders give the OSU community an opportunity to engage in a weekend-long service and experiential learning experience. Students explore and connect with communities outside of Corvallis to enhance their civic engagement and leadership. Weekenders also provide a platform for students to connect with each other and build relationships and teamwork skills. Weekenders involve direct service-learning projects with non-profits, reflection sessions, and fun activities for the group to get to know each other. 

  • Medium commitment level trip that falls between one-time, on-going, and alternative break projects
  • Goal: to engage students in an extended experience of service learning and civic engagement in a fun, reciprical way
  • Students experience meaningful community engagement outside of Corvallis
  • Weekenders allow for more impactful ways to reflect on direct-service projects, and for the CCE and OSU community to build partnerships with non-profits outside Corvallis and Albany


Day Trippers Program


Day Trippers provide daylong community-engaged, experiential learning opportunities for students to explore counties and communities in the greater Willamette Valley region in order to enhance student civic learning and leadership related to advancing community wellbeing and sustainability. Day Trippers include team building, reflection, educational sessions with local nonprofits, government agencies, or community organizations, and often direct service-learning activities.

  • Intermediary duration trip between one-time/on-going/alternative break 
  • Two main ideas; (1) to engage students in community engagement outside of Corvallis, (2) to engage students for an extended period of time for a day to allow for a more meaningful community experience.  
  • Students are able to experience meaningful community engagement outside of Corvallis. 
  • Longer duration (5 to 8 hours) allows for more impact to participants in the way of reflection and educational sessions
  • Day Trippers allow CCE and OSU to develop community partnerships outside of Corvallis and Albany.