Step 1) Find a service placement (or many) in one of the following ways:

Visit the CCE office for a consultation of service opportunities or email

Visit the CCE web site to view an updated inventory of civic engagement opportunities.

Members may also contact the CCE coordinators directly to find service opportunities.   


Step 2) VOLUNTEER and program planning

Get out and volunteer! If there is a large group, CCE can help organize the service event.

Both direct service (face-to-face, hands on work) and indirect service (administrative, training, etc) hours can be logged. Be aware that donations and participation in philanthropic events will not be counted as a service activity. If chapters are close in service hours, we will evaluate the type of service completed. If you have questions about the different types of service, please contact CCE.

See a list of tools and resources for planning service projects.


Step 3) Complete hour tracking forms/Submissions

Hour tracking forms are available on the CCE website via Ideal-Logic. Hours/activity will only be counted if they are recorded online via Ideal-Logic and turned in by the deadline each quarter.

Forms are due the first day of Dead Week  each quarter and are to be totaled at the end of the calendar year.  If service work occurs during finals week or over break, the hours should be submitted during the first week of classes during the next term. The award runs via the calendar, not academic, year and therefore includes winter, spring and fall quarters (summer not included). 


Step 4) Submit a final application packet to CCE by Friday, January 22, 2016.

See the CVA Manual for full application details.

Civic engagement tracking submissions are due the first day of Dead Week each quarter (March 9, June 1, November 30, 2015). By the final application deadline, all tracking forms should already be submitted.

The final application must include a written narrative (approximately 2 pages) demonstrating your chapter’s impact on the community and the impact of service on your members. At minimum, please include:

  • a roster of your chapter and total number of members,
  • a summary of your service work and impact on the community and your members,
  • the number of members who participated in service,
  • hours completed,
  • a list of agencies your chapter has partnered with, and
  • the application sheet found in the CVA manual

Submit completed tracking forms, your application, and your narrative to CCE, located at SEC 206. If nobody is in the office, forms can be dropped at SEC 206, the SEC front desk, or left in the envelope outside the CCE at SEC 206.

Please send an email confirming the date and location where your application was submitted.


Announcing a winner

The winning chapter will be decided based on the average number of service hours per member and upon the submission of a complete application. Numbers are tallied by counting the average number hours per chapter member. For example: if sorority A has 100 service hours and 50 members, 100/50= 2 hours per member. If sorority B has 100 service hours and 25 members, 100/25= 4 hours per member. Sorority B would be the winner.

Numbers will be tallied during winter term and the winner will be announced via email to Leslie Schacht-Drey, Facebook, the CCE website, and the CCE and CFSL listservs. The winning organization will receive a custom certificate from the OSU CCE and the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, and recognition at the annual Greek Awards Ceremony in the spring. In addition, the winner will be announced in the Barometer and the CCE will send a letter of recognition to the national headquarters of the winning chapter to commend the winning chapter’s work.