What is a Living Laboratory?

"On a sustainable campus, the built environment, operational systems, research, scholarship, and education are linked as a “living laboratory” for sustainability. Users (such as students, faculty, and staff) have access to research, teaching, and learning opportunities on connections between environmental, social, and economic issues." - International Sustainable Campus Network-Global University Leaders Forum (ISCN-GULF) Sustainable Campus Charter  


Our Values:

SSI believes educational institutions have a responsibility to model innovative tools, systems, and ways of thinking to create a more sustainable world and provide students the experiences to become leaders in their communities creating that change.


Our Goals:

Every student experiences a central commitment to sustainability from Oregon State University.  
OSU’s built environment, operations, and educational opportunities reflect values of and practical models of a sustainable community.


Our Work:

The Living Laboratory Initiative engages students in building a sustainable campus through: