Craft Center Front Desk Staff Extraordinaire:

Suehade Soto

Featured at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem

March 10-April 21



Susan Bourque

Craft Center Managing Director & Curator

Susan serves as the Managing Director of the OSU Craft Center; a position she has held since 2003. Her responsibilities are to manage, develop and promote Craft Center programs through course development & selection, hiring, scheduling & supervision of instructors & staff, the creation of quarterly catalog, community outreach & promotion and to serve as a liaison to the OSU and Corvallis communities. In addition, Susan is also the Exhibits Coordinator for the Memorial Union Concourse Gallery, which features 10-12 art exhibits per year showcasing the work of international, national and local artists.

Susan has an MFA in ceramics from the Univ. of Mass. at Amherst. Her art background, experience & interests are broad; she loves to teach and periodically instructs a class or workshop. She is proud to be a part of the Craft Center family…

”Our staff are incredibly talented & dedicated individuals who have helped to build the OSU Craft Center into one of the best college craft centers in the country.”

Angie Purviance

Assistant Director & Assistant Curator


Emily Lisen

Student Assistant Manager


Kimberley Preston

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator



Kristopher perry

Marketing Coordinator

Mckenzie pinard

Desk Staff


Alan Pacheco 

Desk Staff


Brenda Rodriguez

Desk Staff


Ava Smith

Desk Staff


Cameron Knopf

Desk Staff


Suehade soto

Desk Staff