1. Advising

The SORCE Team can assist in answering questions regarding funding eligibility and requirements before a request has been officially submitted. SORCE can also guide students on how to develop a completed budget that fully identifies all costs, including actual cost projections and formal estimates. This detailed budget is required in all applications. The SORCE policy, which includes further information regarding eligibility, allocation categories, funding limits, excluded expenses, and other required criteria, can be viewed here:

Please reach out to the SLI  Peer Educators for information specific to event planning and advising, management of finances and assets, and how to submit an application through Ideal-Logic. They are located in SEC 108, and can also be reached at

If you are applying as a student organization... Apply Here!

Start a new activity plan on Ideal-Logic. Navigate to Setup > Logistics > Will you be spending any money in order to make this activity happen? > Yes. Campus Funding > Would you like to request funding from a department or other entity on campus? > Yes. Select "SORCE Programs/Events/Activities" or "SORCE Partnership" or "SORCE Organization Development" from the list. Complete the SORCE tab and the rest of the Ideal-Logic activity plan, and be sure to include a detailed budget. Submit the activity plan when you are finished. SORCE does not review applications that are not submitted.

If you are applying as an individual student... Apply Here!

Follow the application instructions and submit when finished. Please note that all funding for individual students through the Student Professional & Leadership Development allocation category is currently awarded through a reimbursement process.

After the application has been completed and submitted, the following process will take place.


2. Review

The application will be reviewed by a SORCE Coordinator within 2-3 working days after the request has been submitted. The SORCE Coordinator will review the submission based upon the contents of the application present in the activity plan and funding request, as well as the requirements, exclusions, and other criteria listed in the SORCE policy. This review will determine whether the request can be approved, returned because of missing information, or denied. The review will also determine whether a consultation and/or presentation needs to be scheduled prior to the final allocation decision.


3. Consultation

Consultation meetings are required for all requests exceeding $2,000, and may be necessary for lower amounts if any further clarification is needed. SORCE will schedule a consultation meeting after the review is complete. Please allow 10-30 minutes for the meeting. During the consultation, a SORCE Coordinator and a Peer Educator will briefly review:

  • How the activity meets the Student Affairs Five Domains of Learning 
  • An overview of the activity and overall planning
  • The amount of funds being requested
  • The completed budget

For individual Student Professional and Leadership Development applications, the consultation must be scheduled with the individual student applying. For all other applications, the consultation must be scheduled with  the treasurer and/or an officer of the Recognized Student Organization applying. The consultation will also provide time to schedule a presentation for funding requests over $2,000.


4. Presentation

If the amount of funds requested exceeds $2,000, an overview of the program/event/activity and the complete budget must be presented at the next available SORCE Team Allocation Hearing. 

The presentation must be between 5-10 minutes, but please allow up to 15-20 minutes for the entire meeting. This will allow time for the Allocation Team to ask questions and to open the floor for discussion. The decision for approval or rejection of the request will immediately follow. The presentation should include a brief overview of the student organization, the details and timeline of the program/event/activity, and how it aligns with at least one of the Student Affairs Five Domains of Learning. It should also include a complete and thorough budget with an itemized list attached to specific prices. The exact numbers of the budget should be current and consistent with the budget requested on the application site (Ideal-Logic). The presentation can be but is not limited to a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. Please bring all necessary presentation materials. If you need any additional materials (laptop, HDMI converter, etc.) please contact us ahead of time.


5. Award/Allocation

If the request is approved, the award will be processed through Ideal-Logic. After Robin Ryan approves and signs the award agreement, the applicant will have to sign the agreement before the funds can be processed. Student organization funds will be made available in the organization AABC account within 3-10 business days. Funds will not be deposited if there is a negative balance in the account. The Post-Activity Report in Ideal-Logic must be completed within 10 days after the activity date. The budget must also be fully renconciled. Please save all reciepts and proof of purchase documents. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to receive SORCE funding for future events and/or ineligibility for a one year period.

Note: Individual students awarded for Student Professional & Leadership Development will be funded through a reimbursement process.


6. Post-Activity Report

All student organizations are expected to submit a Post-Activity Report within Ideal-Logic, update the budget to reflect "planned" and "actual" income and expenses, and upload all reciepts or other documents that clearly demonstrate proof of purchase.

For all approved funding that exceeds $2,000, a post-activity consultation meeting will be scheduled 8-10 days after the activity date with a SORCE Coordinator and a Peer Educator. SORCE will review the Post-Activity Report and confirm that the budget is correct and fully reconciled. This also provides a chance to have an open dialogue about the event, the SORCE process, and the student affairs domains of learning and service that were achieved. Please allow 20 minutes for this meeting.

Note: Individual students will be required to submit a post-activity summary, a reimbursement form, and relevant reciepts within 8-10 days after the activity date.